You might be torn between using Aweber vs Getresponse, two of the leading E-newsletter creation tools on the web.

What do Aweber and Getresponse do?

Aweber and Getresponse are web tools used in creating or sending e-newsletter templates and mailing list hosting. These tools allow you to systematize your connection to your subscribers with the use of “autoresponders”.

Autoresponders are used to deliver systematized and ready-made e-newsletters to subscribers. For instance, after users sign up, they can obtain a welcoming message or a discount voucher from one of your products.

Getresponse pricing vs Aweber pricing

Getresponse has a larger subscriber volume compared to Aweber. Getresponse also has more package selections. All in all, Getresponse wins when it comes to pricing.

Similarities between Aweber and Getresponse

Getresponse and Aweber deal with similar fundamental features. These include:

  • The ability to get data and host mailing
  • A wide selection of pre-designed e-newsletter templates
  • Autoresponder functions

Key differences between Aweber and Getresponse

Getresponse contains features not available in Aweber– namely:

• Webinars
• CRM functionality
• Marketing automation
• A landing page builder

Responsive templates

Although both tools now offer responsive templates, Getresponse templates are suggestively better compared to Aweber’s, especially when previewing emails on a cellular phone.


Both feature a highly improved autoresponder system. However, Getresponse autoresponders demonstrate a stronger level of engagements. Getresponse also offers a more complete and simpler action-based initiation.

• Getresponse Webinars

Getresponse Webinars is one feature other e-newsletter creation tools don’t usually offer. With this feature, you will have the freedom to run webinars using your Getresponse account. Integration of webinars is a lead generation tool which is a very good email marketing strategy.

• CRM in Getresponse

CRM stands for “customer relationship manager”. This feature is not found on Aweber. You can use this feature in tracking customer movement or handling sales pipelines.

Marketing automation

Getresponse recently introduced a feature called “Marketing Automation” which is not present in Aweber. This feature allows you to make refined automation workflows. Using the drag and drop builder, Getresponse makes an “automation flowchart” whenever a subscriber takes the corresponding action.

• Landing page creation

Getresponse currently has an edge over Aweber or any other tools when it comes to landing pages. Landing pages’ main function is to capture date. Getresponse’s landing pages offer more sophisticated forms when compared to Aweber.

Overall, in terms of Aweber vs Getresoponse, it is clear that Getresponse is a better choice when purchasing an e-newsletter creation tool.