Have you been banned from Amazon? If yes, then you might want to know after getting banned from amazon how to get back on track and push on. Many people find their accounts banned, suspended, or denied. A suspended account means that there is a possibility of the owner appealing against the ban. A banned account is worse for the owner if the re-appeal has been denied more than once, and Amazon has finalized its decision.

It’s even against the terms and conditions set by Amazon to open another account. Thus, you really need to get your account back in case you get banned.

Why your Amazon account privileges may be terminated?

Amazon account may get banned because of the following reasons:

  1. The performance of your account is rated poorly by customers.
  2. Any violation of Amazon’s terms and conditions
  3. Engagement in the sale of restricted items

Any suspended account holder is notified on the Seller Central.

Steps to take to prevent your Amazon account from being banned.

After getting banned from amazon how to get back on track requires the following steps:

  1. Get a downloaded Amazon App on your phone to respond to client issues without any delay.
  2. Check potential flags from your listings.
  3. Avoid selling counterfeit items in your account.
  4. Request Amazon to place annotation to your Amazon account stating that the ASIN wasn’t fake.

Appealing against the suspension of Amazon’s account.

In case your Amazon account gets banned, you need to pay close attention to ASIN to check for any irregularities. You should also go through the suspension notification thoroughly to know what you have violated.

Inform Amazon that you are looking forward to improving things. However, do not criticize Amazon’s item Quality assessment process.

In your plan of action, ensure that you indicate the reasons for the banning of the account and how you intend to prevent such an occurrence in the future.

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