Business Listings in WhitePages

Whitepages is an online directory known for its page blanche particuliers and personal listings. However, they’re not responsible for managing all those data but accumulate them from various sources and suppliers instead.

How to Add Your Business Listing

Back then, White Pages have an option that allows you to add your business listing into its directory. Unfortunately, as of now, this feature is currently disabled. You can, however, add your business listing indirectly via one of their data providers.

Your most viable option would be through InfoGroup’s partners, one of which is Express Update. To do so, simply visit Express Update through Expressupdate then add your business from there. After that, you have to verify your listing, then wait for your added information to be aggregated by WhitePages.

How to Edit Your Listing?

Just like how you can’t directly add your business listing into White Pages, you also can’t edit your business’ data directly. However, since Whitepages obtains data from data providers, you can head to where you initially add your business listing, which is Express Update in this case, then edit or update your information from there.

It might take a while before your updated information would show at Whitepages, but it should eventually appear.

Also, as stated in their support FAQ, if you pull up your business profile, the data provider would also be displayed on top of your business’ name. Unfortunately, there haven’t been any examples of this, so it’s likely that such profiles are rare.

Meanwhile, those profiles that don’t display their data provider might be obtaining their information from InfoGroup. If that’s the case, then you can head to Express Update and update your profile from there. Do take note, however, that Whitepages won’t be able to guarantee that your business listing, as well as its relevant information, might appear on their directory.

Regardless of that, updates could be somewhat inconsistent, and the updates you make on your listing will often take time – some people speculated around 60 days – before they even appear on Whitepages.

Another Possible (and Hopefully Faster) Option

If you need a faster and more successful means of adding your business on Whitepages or update your already listed business profile, then there’s still another option you want to try. We’re talking about Yext. Since Whitepages and Yext are partners, you will be able to create a Yext PowerListings account then edit or update your business listing’s information at WhitePages.

This also allows you to update information in over 50 local directories – all in a single dashboard! The best part is, any updates or changes you made on these directories will take effect almost immediately. This means you can push all those last-minute offers or promotions without any delay!

However, the service is not available for free. Still, if you want to make sure that you can create a local presence for your business, then it’s definitely worth it considering the time and effort you will be able to save.

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