Are you a cyclist or someone who loves working out with a treadmill? Do you have outdoor exercise routines that you needed to stop due to the community quarantine and social distancing measures brought by the COVID-19 pandemic?

Maybe it’s time to use a virtual training program called Zwift. It is a virtual game that allows you to link your trainer on a/an Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, computer, etc. It also enables you to virtually ride with other cyclists.

The platform has a wide array of workout sessions you can choose from. The workouts are clustered into various categories.  You can easily choose the best Zwift workouts set that would perfectly fit your goals.

Zwift has successfully collaborated with popular coaches like Marco Pinotti in creating training plans to improve your strength on a bicycle. Pinotti is a former champion in the national time-trial competition.

Functional Threshold Power (FTP) Test

This is the first thing you should complete before continuing your Zwift journey. It measures your ability as a bike rider, specifically the power you can hold for 60 minutes.

It is highly recommended for you to undergo FTP first. Zwift uses relative values since we all have different abilities, for more information, you can use this guide.

After being able to determine your FTP, then all your single workouts are already customized to your fitness ability. It’s now up to you to choose the sessions you want to do and the frequency.

Stress Points (SP)

A workout routine’s level of difficulty is measured in terms of stress points or SP. The higher the SP score, the harder it will be, if we base it on the intensity and duration of an exercise routine.

This is relative to everyone which implies that no matter how fit you are, the stress points of a workout will still be the same. Zwift has categories for its training plans; namely, the advanced, intermediate, and beginner.

Some of the Best Zwift Workouts

Take a look at some of the best workouts the Zwift platform has to offer:

Functional Threshold Power Tests

Begin with a long warmup, ramps, and a 5-minute leg pumping. Then, go as hard as you can for a whole 20-minute session.

2 by 2

It aims to enhance your ability to make frequent hard efforts with a quick recovery period.

2×15 FTP intervals

This has a 10-minute warmup, 2×15 FTP intervals with quick recovery, and a cool down. It will help build base power in less than an hour. You must do this session after a rest day.

4mi Tempo Run

Do this once a week and your speed for distances like a half marathon or 10k run may significantly improve.

4×800 Speed Work

It has half-mile intervals that are short but painful. You need to go as quickly as you can and hold for the whole interval of this exercise. One interval workout is recommended to help you build the speed you need if you wish to join marathons or longer events.

4×1600 Speed Work

This routine is composed of 1-mile intervals. It is perfect for making your endurance levels way past your comfort zone. One interval workout is enough for those who want to join running events at a longer pace.


This exercise session is a progression run. You will start easily and kick to the finish line. It teaches you discipline and endurance.

Fartlek 5’s

You must run for 60 seconds at over a 5-kilometer pace with a 30-second easy jog. You need to do this routine five times. It aims to improve your optimum sustainable speediness.

Higher and Higher

This is one of the most challenging yet also one of the best Zwift workouts. It is an endurance test with a twist wherein the incline is increased by 2% for every 8-minute interval. It aims to finish at a 10% inclination.

The Polish

Bear in mind to only perform this exercise if you already have a solid aerobic base.


This is a speed workout introducing reducing lengths of the interval but increasing levels of intensity for every start at 3 minutes. This finishes at 1-minute intervals.

Zwift Training Plans to Watch Out For

Zwift training plans can help you stay committed to focusing on your indoor cycling goals. You can choose from the following:

  • Zwift 101: This is a five-session beginner plan to familiarize yourself with the structured training on the platform.
  • Multisport mixer: It offers a combination of running and cycling sessions, which is perfect for triathlon athletes or enthusiasts.
  • FTP Builder: It upgrades your aerobic ability in a matter of four sessions in seven days.
  • Crit crusher: This session has accurate intensities to help you manage the demands of crits or other high-intensity racing activities.
  • Build me up: This is a structured 10 to 12-week fitness plan for cyclists who have a limited preparation time for an event.

Tips to Effectively Start a Workout Finish a Workout Plan

The key to a successful fitness routine is having a clear and achievable workout plan. Here are some tips you can consider to finish your workout plan:

  1. Make a commitment plan: Be committed to what you are doing. Set a personal fitness goal for several weekly sessions. Make sure to strictly follow it. It’s all about discipline and the will to push on.
  2. Turn up some music: Exercising with music may help your mind not to focus on the pain, especially if you have to do a routine on longer intervals.
  3. Joining a group workout:  It is fun to have a workout team to back you up and support you along the way. Zwift is the perfect platform to do just that.

Maximize your indoor fitness time and make it more structured by using the Zwift platform. Search for more of the best Zwift workouts and turn your fitness goals into reality. Download the Zwift app and explore more fitness adventures in the comfort of your home.

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