If I am right, you found yourself on this page because you are looking for credible and unbiased information about Builderall. Chances are, you’ve heard about it, conducted some research but still, you are grappling with that simple but very crucial question, “Is Builderall the right tool to take my business to the next level?” Well, that’s understandable.  After all, there is no point in investing time and resources in a tool you have no idea how it works or not sure if it is the crème de la crème to advance your business antics. As a fellow eCommerce enthusiast, I clearly identify with your curiosity. I mean, whether you’ve already dipped your feet into eCommerce or are planning to get started, there are several questions surrounding this tool. Perhaps, you are wondering, what does it offer? Is it another scam? How much will it cost me? Is it as good as they claim? How compatible is it with my marketing strategies? Fortunately, that’s where we come in. In this Builderall review, you will find all there is to know about Builderall to help you make an informed decision. But first and foremost…

What is Builderall?

Well, if you have an online business, you typically want to advertise your services and offers – to generate revenue. Luckily, today’s online marketing offers numerous opportunities and tools to achieve incredible results with little effort. Even so, this multitude of possibilities and tools is a curse and a blessing! The challenge is not to get lost in the jungle of options.  I mean, we are all looking for a tool that works and integrates seamlessly with our businesses to achieve results as quickly as possible. Fortunately, Builderall promises a complete solution for online marketing. Think of it as the Swiss knife for your online marketing. Its features are designed with the understanding that marketing is all about building exciting landing and sales pages, integrating modern elements such as animations, countdown timers, evergreen timers, parallax effects, time and scrolling pop-ups, contact and registration forms into your website. After creating your website, online marketing begins. It gets exciting when the visitor is taken by the hand and guided through your sales channel step by step. This calls for the integration of a sales funnel, a shop, a multi-stage sales process, and the possibility to include upsells and down sells in your offers and products, fields in which Builderall excels.

So, what does it offer?

For the lack of better words, a lot! Some of its most distinguishable features include:

Drag & Drop website builder

The creation of the website should be as easy and quick as possible. The result should look good on all devices – from desktops, tablets to smartphones. The site should also be compatible with as many interfaces as possible to ensure it remains compatible with future developments. To achieve this, Builderall offers over 1,000 templates, so you do not have to start your project with a blank page. The templates are designed in a modern way, offering the functions of advanced themes and can be easily customized. Building your site is done via a drag and drop builder, so you do not need any programming skills. In other words, you can build your website by merely dr.

  • Standard tools include texts, pictures, galleries, buttons, blogs, etc.
  • Marketing functions include timers, popups, encryption, share locker, etc.
  • Professional tools include sales funnel, shops, e-learning, protected member sites, etc.

Sales Funnel

Modern marketing is no longer possible without professional sales funnel or in other words, sales channels. These are several pages that build on each other and guide the customer safely through their shopping journey. At Builderall, you’ll get ready-made kits for a variety of sales funnel. The whole system is rounded off by the fact that not only can you technically load the sales channels with one click, but can also get the data of each respective funnel. Small graphics show how individual pages work together to guide the customer through all of your touchpoints.

Builderall Email Marketing

In addition to creating sales funnels, the app Mailingboss, which is used for e-mail marketing, is particularly exciting for marketing. It is a solid newsletter system which covers the most important functions of email marketing In the Builderall Business plan; there is no limit to the contacts and the emails that can be sent. The functions of Mailingboss are especially suitable for e-mail marketing in the context of Sales Funnel. What does this mean? Well, your customer signs up via an opt-in form or through a purchase.

You can then segment your contacts. Segmentation-based e-mail marketing is a better alternative to list-based e-mail marketing. Here the contacts are marked by tags. These tags can be assigned upon registration in your newsletter system, or when you send an e-mail. In this way, you can highly targeted e-mails. With the email marketing feature, you get:

Automated e-mail marketing

With this feature, the number of e-mails you want to send to your customers is up to you. You can specify the time distance between emails; for instance, E-mail 1 can be timed to be sent after one day and E-mail 2 after three days, etc.


Segmentation can be done via your mailing list. This is important! Because if you apply it in product A and a customer buys it later, it should be moved to another list. The thing is, if your customer has already purchased Product A, you do not need to send him any further advertising on this product.


This allows you to create and automate various workflows with lists and campaigns. You can then create segments in your mailing list; for example, some e-mails can be sent to customers who have not previously opened an e-mail or those that have bought a specific product. Since you can work with tags and lists, you can always send your offers to the right customers. For instance, if a customer enters your “Holidays in Spain” mailing list, you can send them targeted offers to Spain. And if another customer is looking for information on “New York vacations” they will receive offers for New York.

Lead capture tools

If your goal is to have a complete and powerful digital marketing strategy, lead capture tools (subscribers) must all be connected. Luckily, Builderall has you covered! You can focus on building your marketing strategy by effectively capturing prospects with Facebook connections, email forms, smart opt-ins, and more.

Verified opt-in for mailing lists

If a customer enters your newsletter via a form, it is best if they can confirm their registration via Double-Op-tin. For this, the user receives a confirmation email, in which he must click on a link to confirm his entry. This ensures that your mailing list is composed of interested people. Fortunately, Builderall offers this feature.

Collect e-mail addresses via forms

Builderall offers a variety of ways to get to these coveted addresses. The easiest way is to use forms on the website where the user can, for example, signs up for a newsletter or download an e-book using his e-mail. As you would expect, Builderall offers a straightforward solution. If you add a new form to your website, you can simply access Mailingboss, and all of its features can be linked to the forms.

Webinars with Builderall

You can hold your webinar directly through Builderall. It hosts your webinars, meaning that you do not need any technical skewing with YouTube, Hangouts, or any tool to conduct webinars. At Builderall, you simply start your webinar, provide a name and description, schedule the broadcast, and go live. Builderall also provides the ability to create evergreen webinars. Here you can record a webinar and later play it to showcase your products and services to your target consumers. In addition to the webinar, you can add a chat box or collect comments on your webinar via Facebook.


If you have your own products and services that you want to sell, you should definitely take a look at the Builderall Shop – and use it. As with all Building Builder tools, the shop is also interwoven in the overall system. So you can edit the pages as usual with the page builder. Your customers will land on your e-mail system; you can then send follow-up e-mails or give customers access to special privileges after a purchase.

Animated Video Creator

Videos are an integral part of today’s marketing. With no doubt, they are a potent tool in online marketing. With this app, you can create animated videos in Builderall without any additional software. Here you create your own animations, animate text, or start immediately with the templates of Builderall.

Floating Videos with Builderall

Another impressive feature under the Video Creator section is floating videos. These are basically freed-up videos – the ability to create videos without a solid background. You can use this tool to remove the background from your video and then place yourself “quasi-floating” in front of your website.

Builderall Design Studio

If you want to sell your products and services, you need to present your products aesthetically and professionally. Builderall here offers a colorful bouquet of ways to put your products and services in the right light. This starts with the creation of fancy mockups all the way to complete presentations.


Imagine something simple that gives tremendous value to everything that is presented. It’s a design model! Instead of spending hours using a photo editing application to create models, you can do it in seconds using the design studio. Seriously, just download the image, and the tool will make perfect! This will evoke interest in your customers and boost your conversions! I mean, in today’s world of online advertising, products are no longer presented via photos. This is far too expensive and time-consuming, especially for small businesses. The solution is Builderall’s mockups.

In principle, a product is perfectly staged and photographed, for example, a book on a table, a laptop on the beach or a poster in the city. The individual image parts, for example, the cover of the book, are then replaced by placeholders.  Builderall offers a very easy-to-use solution here. You do not need any software! Just choose the design you want, upload your picture … and you’re done. This way, you can create a variety of 3D views.


You can even create presentations in Builderall. Though I have to say one thing: Builderall does not replace PowerPoint or Keynote. But for simple, fast presentations, you can certainly get impressive results. Editing a presentation is limited to the minimum requirements. Here you can add texts, pictures, shapes, and videos, adjust the background a bit and then download all the fun. With no doubt, you always need presentations to advertise your services, be it the presentation of a product, the presentation for a webinar or the content of your own website.

Browser Notifications

This is a very effective way to develop a strong relationship with your prospects and customers. If they allow you to send them notifications, they will see a popup even if they are not on your website! Whenever you launch promotions, an exclusive offer or an event, your visitors can be informed immediately! These little messages open as push notifications directly in the customer’s browser when you send them a new message. Their difference with e-mail marketing is that the customer’s inhibition threshold is much lower to these small messages meaning that they are highly likely to open them up. With Builderall, you can not only create these messages but also build entire campaigns. Here you can accurately plan when you want to send which push message.

Integration with social media

Is there a way to optimize the relationship with everyone who likes or follows your business on Facebook? Yes, and there is more! You can capture and feed tracks with notifications, smart messages and apps that fit into Facebook pages. Build strong relationships with your prospects and customers! Some of the features under this category include:

PostPlanner & Auto Post Tool

Builderall also offers a post planner for Facebook. You get a calendar that you can update with just a few clicks. You’ll need to connect your Facebook page to your Planner, and then, you’ll be able to create and schedule your Facebook messages within Builderall. As part of the planner text, images and videos are also available for you.

Facebook Messenger Chatbot

Even more exciting is the messenger Chatbot l. The idea of this bot is to do most of the marketing work for you on Facebook. The bot leads potential buyers as independently as possible through the sales channel and also builds up direct contact only if possible. The goal here is a higher opening and conversion rate, which is better than email marketing since updates open directly on the user’s Facebook interface. Not only can you send simple messages, but you can also create auto-posts that will automatically initiate communication in your various groups. This comes in very handy since you can automate some of your marketing efforts and most importantly create better workflows.

Currently, Builderall offers integration with Facebook Messenger, though there are plans to connect with Instagram.

Share Locker

If you want to establish contact via social media, you have to make friends with the target audience. In this case, the Share Locker helps you conjure the viral effect to your posts. And this brings real added value to your website. For instance, if you have written an excellent article and now offers the article as an e-book, so you can share the article in your social networks, and the reader gets a thank you note for every download. Builderall offers different variants of the Share Locker.

SEO On-Page Report Tool

Search engine optimization is a very complex topic. Anyone familiar with this will quickly realize that there is no quick fix. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why search engine optimization is not very popular. Anyway, who wants to invest days and weeks in a project and only see results in months?

Nonetheless, search engine optimization is the best way to get traffic to the site. Of course, you have to invest lots of work initially, but you will be rewarded in the long term with new visitors. And if you then compare the search engine optimization with paid traffic, you will find that the work is well amortized. Fortunately, Builderall has integrated an excellent report tool for on-page optimization.

Anyone who works with WordPress will know All-In-One SEO or Yoast. Builderall offers a very similar version. You can submit your domain and then get the most important statistics to improve your website.

Heatmaps and Click maps

When it comes to optimizing sales, you should not rely solely on your gut feeling. You have to know what works on your website and what does not. At this point, Heatmaps help you to optimize your site. Thanks to these heatmaps, you can see exactly which pages your website visitors are clicking on, which areas are being viewed more and which areas are not being discovered. In a color scale from green (a few clicks) to red (many clicks), you can literally see which links and buttons your users are responding to. This information is extremely important, especially with sales pages or landing pages. Luckily, building a heatmap is extremely easy in Builderall. Simply enter a name for the desired heatmap, set the appropriate website, and copy the given code into the page.

Being able to know which strategies and designs work best for your website or blog is sure something that will come in handy. With the Click / Hot Map, you’ll easily understand the most clicked areas of your website or blog and strategically place your push-to-action buttons to boost your sales!

Builderall App Creator

Let’s move on to a feature that has nothing to do with your website. We’re talking about creating a mobile app. I have created several apps and can say from my own experience that building Android or iOS apps is extremely complicated. This called for hiring professional developers. However, Builderall gives you the ability to build simple apps directly with the Builderall App Creator. You can put together a simple app with just a few clicks, pack your content into the app, get access to critical features, integrate push notifications and coupons and publish the app for Android and iOS. When the app is done, you get the necessary data that you need to submit to Google Play and the Apple App Store. In addition, you can also monetize the app, i.e., integrate banner ads in the app.

If creating a mobile application to offer products and services, was something that never crossed your mind because of the high costs, it is time to reevaluate this idea. You can easily create apps for iOS and Android using Builderall’s App Creator, and bring your business directly into the hands of thousands of users. However, if you are looking for a complex application, you will probably have to resort to other software – or professional programmers since this builder is not equipped to handle such.

Builderall Marketplace

The Builderall Marketplace is still a whole new feature – and under development. With it, you can offer your own products as an affiliate, or promote products of other manufacturers and earn money from it.

Bottom line

Phew…That was a lot of information, right? In fact, this Builderall review has become significantly longer than intended. However, I hope that you’ve learned all you wanted to. So what next? Well, if you are convinced that this is the right tool for you, – which you should – go ahead, sign up and experience it first hand.

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