CBD Oil Marketing

Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the two active ingredients of marijuana(Cannabis sativa) and hemp flower. Contrary to popular belief, CBD does not induce addiction to the user like Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the other active compound. Studies regarding cannabidiol have shown its benefits in alleviating diseases most specifically in neurological complications like seizures.

Compared to marijuana, hemp contains more cannabidiol, less THC, and is often cultivated more due to this. Female hemp flowers or buds contain a certain type of cannabidiol which aids in pollination by attracting pollens from the male counterpart. Also, CBD hemp flowers possess a higher amount of cannabidiol than marijuana.

Since the legalization of the usage of CBD oil, several businesses, old or new, started innovating a variety of CBD products. CBD sales may have started long before its legal status, but the rates went up since 2018.

With the rise of its popularity in marketing, competition in the market also arises. Large and local businesses are selling CBD hemp flowers because of its high CBD content. Either you are new or a professional in the field of marketing, it is best to learn some helpful tips to get you on top of your competitors.

Go original

Surely anyone has heard of this advice before. As previously mentioned, CBD can be sold in many forms like oil, ointment, or tinctures. Some companies go on selling the hemp with a touch of different fruit flavors to the consumer’s liking. CBD hemp flowers may be the common material being sold but other parts of the hemp can be used like its seed for agriculture purposes. A unique product among the rest would help in standing out and surely getting frequent customers.

Be truthful

There are several therapeutic claims of CBD oil found on the internet, but it should not be advertised as a substitute for any medication. It is true that most customers would be searching for CBD as a form of medicine and would easily fall for false advertisement without checking the facts. Lying can harm your customers and yourself. It might even bring down your business.

Stick with the facts and make no promises on what CBD can heal. Educating them on what it contains may make you look more credible as a seller.

Keep it legal

The legal status of the usage of cannabidiol has its limits. Food and Drug Administration have implemented that the usage of CBD as a dietary supplement, or adding it in human or pet food is illegal. Several sellers online are already selling hemp edibles despite the regulation and it’s only a matter of time before they get charged for it. CBD contents in cosmetic products are allowed. With this in mind, you have an idea of what your product should be.

Make a website

Going online is your best choice given the current state. Optimize your website by using keywords that would lead you on top of the search engine. Be sure to make the contents of your site informative and relevant for visitors.

Make use of social platforms

People nowadays spend more time on social media than most sites. Creating content presenting your product and sharing them with followers or friends would be a good opportunity to introduce what you sell. Making ads have their limits on certain sites since not every social media user is around the proper age to use your product.

Other entrepreneurs also make use of social media as their business platform making a closer supplier-customer relationship. You can present your product either by making use of the features available depending on the site. Be mindful of their regulations once you try advertising online.

You can also search for affiliated marketers online who would promote your page. Social media influencers can act as such by advertising it to their followers allowing more people to know what you sell.

The CBD market provides a wide opportunity for anyone but it has its limitations. Working with cannabidiol is not as easy as other raw materials and if careless, would be harmful. As a seller of such, always keep in tabs of recent information regarding CBD oil to further enhance your knowledge that you may use in making unique products in the future.

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