Cloudflare is a US-based company that offers varied networking services ranging from the content delivery network, internet security, distribution of domain name server, and also DDoS mitigation strategies. It, therefore, acts as a reverse proxy. The headquarters of Cloudflare is in San Francisco, USA. Akamai, on the other hand, is a US-based firm that deals with being both a content delivery network and a cloud service provider. Its headquarters are based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Now, let’s discuss the battle royale which is Cloudflare vs Akamai below.

What is CDN?

Content delivery network (CDN ) is designed to shorten the distance between a website and its anticipated audience. They make connections faster and more efficiently, thereby promoting great user experience.

Comparison between Cloudflare and Akamai.

As discussed above, both Cloudflare and Akamai are companies that deal with content delivery networking. However, let us have a comparison between the two firms:

  1. Location of firm’s servers.

Akamai has servers almost everywhere in the world while Cloudflare has its servers based mostly in the United States and Europe.

  1. Prices of using their services.

Cloudflare doesn’t charge its services based on the bandwidth as done by Akamai. They charge depending on the three plan packages they offer.

Unlike Cloudflare, Akamai doesn’t display their prices publicly. For a new client to know their billings, he/she will have to call them so as to know the quote.

Akamai rates are expensive as compared to CloudFlare despite Akamai lacking push services.

  1. CDN Performance.

Akamai offers 16 packets of TCP connection while Cloudflare has a TCP connection performance of 10 packets. Thus, Akamai has better performance because of the larger packets.

  1. Intended roles.

Akamai is a popular CDN while the Cloudflare is more of a reverse proxy intended to control traffic and every cached version. Akamai goes ahead to give other performance tools with every package customized as per the client.

  1. CDN integration with WordPress.

CloudFlare allows independent integration of WordPress as the user only needs to register and then login in. the Akamai doesn’t offer any information about its integration features.

Main features of Akamai.

  1. It has products that offer media acceleration.
  2. It offers traffic management worldwide.
  3. It has advanced internet security features.
  4. It offers 24/7 email and phone support to its users.
  5. It allows software updates and other media downloads.
  6. Its designed to offer predictions on content delivery.

Main features of Cloudflare.

  1. Its added security feature protects your website from any kind of internet threats.
  2. It analyzes the traffic in your web pages including any averted possible threat.
  3. Its highest package offers a 24/7 email and phone support.

When it comes to Cloudflare vs Akamai, most people prefer Cloudflare due to their positive traffic records and cheap pricing for its features.  Cloudflare is good for new website owners. It will allow them to speed up the performance of their web pages at a budget-friendly cost. However, when deciding on the CDN to use, consider using a CDN with the most number of servers in your country.

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