A computer programming language is a set of syntaxes, commands, and instructions to create software for computers and other devices. Certain semantic and syntactic rules define each of these computer languages.

Here’s a computer language list of programs divided into four categories.

Object-Oriented Programming Languages

Object-oriented programming (OOP) contains data that people identify as attributes and code. Identically, they come in OOP by making computer programs out of objects that interact with each other.

  • Agora – This OOP language is prototype-based and features a message passing mechanism.
  • Lava – This is a programming language which is a visual OOP interpreter-based.
  • Scala – Scala offers functional programming features known as a multi-paradigm language.

Interpreted Programming Languages

The implementations of the interpreted computer languages list are executed directly without gathering a program into machine-language instructions. The interpreter then translates the statements into sequences of one or more subroutines already gathered into a machine code. Additionally, it is done by executing the program directly.

  • APL – APL is a functional, interpretive, and interactive programming language. It can simultaneously work on numerous arrays of data.
  • Eiffel – This is an ISO standardized computer language used to develop platforms for aerospace, finance, and video gaming industry.
  • MUMPS – Mumps is an interpreted programming language made for the health care industry.

Functional Programming Languages

The main focus of functional languages is to define computations as mathematical evaluations and the applications of functions. In addition, these languages come with mathematical calculations.

  • Curry – Curry implements functional program wherein variable relationships are stated in the form of constraints.
  • Nemerle – Nemerle is a program designed for the .NET platform. Nemerle’s programs are gathered into an intermediate language bytecode.
  • Joy – This is a pure functional language based on compositions of functions.

Scripting Programming Languages

Scripting programming languages’ functions is to control an application. They are usually embedded in applications they control and automate often executed tasks such as communicating with external programs.

  • AppleScript – This refers to a programming language embedded into Apple’s Mac Operating System.
  • Beanshell – This is a java scripting language similar to Java in terms of syntax. It runs on Java Runtime Environment along with syntax and scripting commands.
  • PHP – PHP is one of the most recognizable scripting languages globally. It is popular for developing web pages for publishing.


There are also hundreds of other computer language lists categorized in different ways by other people. Computer programming languages are vast, complex, and even intimidating sometimes. Nevertheless, it helped in shaping the technology we have today.

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