ConvertKit Review: A Blogger’s Email Marketing Assistant

A lot of writers and bloggers use email marketing strategy to attract subscribers to their site, and this helps them in promoting their site, products, services, and their articles or posts in a more convenient and efficient way. In addition to that, email marketing software is a great help for writers and bloggers in building good relationships with their readers through their articles and stories, which they can share with them regularly. There are lots of email marketing tools around, but let’s focus on this ConvertKit Review to give you better insights about this tool.

What is ConvertKit?

ConvertKit is an email marketing campaign software that’s designed mostly for professional bloggers and writers. It’s packed with lots of features that are very easy to use and you can create emails for your readers directly with a personal touch where your readers would feel that you’re really talking to them through your stories. 

Benefits of Using ConvertKit

ConvertKit is great for promoting your blog. If you have a lot of email subscribers and you post a lot of topics on a regular basis, you can promote your posts to them through an email broadcast using ConvertKit. With that, you can regularly update them about the latest happenings in your blog. You even sell them some helpful resources, materials, or your books through this software.

Growing your Email List through Content Upgrades

 If you have a few content upgrades that you can offer to your readers like free templates, worksheets, and more, you can easily upload it to ConvertKit and send them automatically to your subscribers.

Custom Templates

Another awesome feature of ConvertKit is how you can easily customize your landing page templates and your color kit. You can also customize your headlines to make them more attractive.

Final Verdict

ConvertKit offers a lot of features that can help you grow your site faster. Its easy functionality makes it even more attractive to bloggers. They also have a great support team whenever you need help with some features. Though they’re a bit expensive compared to other email marketing software, they’re still worth the try. Read more ConvertKit Review to explore what other people think about this tool.