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Communication has become incredibly easier nowadays. Before, coins and phone booths were the trends, but now, it’s all about smartphones Forbrukeretaten and mobile plans. Texts, calls, and even phone apps have become the main means of communication in today’s world.

The downside, however, is that because it’s very easy, people often overlook the fact that almost every communication made have an underlying cost. For people who have completely forgotten that, or just don’t care anymore, they are welcomed with a high phone bill every month.

That said, among the countries in the world that use mobile phones and mobile plans, which ones made it to the list of countries with the most expensive average cell phone bill?

Let’s start the countdown:

#10 Spain – $34

Making it to the tenth spot is the country of such romantic language – Spain. With an average of $34 of cell phone bill every month, they sure are spreading the word of love through phones.

#9 Belgium – $35

Taking the ninth spot is the country known for its scrumptious chocolates. People there probably enjoy their chocolates while on the phone, which would explain the monthly $35 cell phone bill.

#8 Netherlands – $39

Netherlands, the land of windmills, or at least one of the things it’s known for, takes the 8th spot. For a country that is relatively small, they still managed to have an average of $39 cell phone bill every month.

#7 Norway – $43

It’s very ironic that while Norway is known for its nature and scenic landscapes, they still made it to the list of countries that pay the most expensive amount for use of a technological advancement. Norway holds the 7th spot in the list with an average phone bill of $43.

#6 France – $44

France closes the bottom half of the list with $44 of average phone bill. The country is known for its glamour and quite a high-end life, so a high phone bill isn’t really very shocking.

#5 Australia – $45

The smallest continent in the world takes the fifth spot in the list. Australia, also known for its open spaces, has an average cell phone bill of $45.

#4 Switzerland – $47

The country famous for its cheese made its way to the fourth spot in the list. Switzerland averages a good $47 every month in the cell phone bill department.

#3 The United States of America – $49

Considering how busy people in America are, trying to reach the American dream, it’s really not surprising that this country takes the third spot in the list with $49 of average cell phone bill.

#2 Japan – $54

The land where our ever favorite animes come from gets the second highest spot in the list. The country has an average of $54 with their cell phone bill every month.

#1 Canada – $55

And voila! The top spot goes to the land known for its maple leaf, Canada. The country won over other countries by having a $55 average cell phone bill every month.


It isn’t really a bad thing to have an expensive cell phone bill. In fact, there are a number of reasons for it, most of which are valid. However, if you think that controlling your monthly bill might be a challenge for you, you might want to consider using a prepaid card instead, if possible.

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  1. I think, In case you suppose that controlling your month-to-month invoice might be a mission for you, you would possibly want to bear in mind using a pay as you go card as an alternative, if viable.

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