CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) plays an important role in modern web development and web design, and it has become a must-have skill for website designers and developers. In this article, learn about CSS and CSS5 and make web development a more exciting endeavor.

Defining CSS

CSS or Cascading Style Sheets is a type of style sheet language that describes the presentation of the written document in markup language. It is often used for setting the visual style of a webpage and UI written in HTML and XHTML. With HTML and JavaScript, this style sheet language is considered a cornerstone technology for creating visually attractive and engaging webpages and UI for web and mobile apps.

The latest version of CSS is CSS3 while the latest version of HTML is HTML5. It has been reported that the development of HTML5.1 is in progress. However, there’s no official information yet.

Integrating CSS in Web Development Projects

There are three main ways to include Cascading Style Sheets in your web development projects.

1. Inline CSS

You can include CSS directly in your HTML elements. To do this, you need to use the Style attribute and then provide properties to it.

2. Internal CSS

Another way is to use ‘internal styling’ which involves the use of the Style element in HTML’s Head section.

3. External CSS

The most recommended method of including CSS is using an external style sheet. This can be done by creating a style sheet with a ‘.css’ extension and adding the sheet’s link in HTML.

CSS Selectors

To style elements in CSS, you need to select them first. Here are three ways to select HTML elements.

1. Element

In this method, you simply use the name. To do this, just select different elements and choose different style attributes for each of them.

2. Class

Another method is with the use of class attributes. Here, you assign different classes to your elements.

3. ID

The last method is the ID method which involves using IDS to select elements and applying styles to them.

So What is CSS5?

CSS5 is the future of CSS. With the CSS3 as the latest CSS version, we are expecting CSS5 to come in the future. We are also expecting it to have new and improved features — ones that are way better than we what we ever had.

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