There are instances that you might need to find out the person behind a specific domain. With the various security measures today, the process of knowing the information about a certain domain becomes complicated. Fortunately, Domain Dossier was created to generate significant information regarding IP addresses and domain names.

This tool is helpful in knowing the details of a domain related to solving problems, investigating cyber crime cases and researching how things were organized and created.

Domain Dossier generates reports containing the following information:

  1. Contact details of the owner of the domain or IP address
  2. Registry information
  3. Website hosting company or organization
  4. Geographical location of the IP address
  5. The server type utilized the by the IP address
  6. Site upstream networks

Most of the time, domain owners are using masking services to hide the name and organization. Although the name can be hidden, the date of registration remains exposed, which may give a conclusion about its history and other important information. Masking may be a barrier to some information you need, but it can also give you a hint to other leads of the search.

Services Offered by Domain Dossier

This tool offers five primary services, depending on the type of information you want to retrieve.

  • Domain Whois Record

Whois Record provides details about the registration of a specific address or domain. Furthermore, this includes the date of registration and its expiry and relevant contact information.

  • Network Whois Record

This provides details about the assignment or allocation, such as the organization, date and linked IP addresses to the assignment.

  • DNS Records

This displays relevant records from DNS of the domains that are related to your search.

  • Traceroute

This section shows the path of the IP addresses from the serves to the address you have searched. The information includes every IP router along the path, which leads to its destination.

  • Service Scan

An IP address-related input requesting a search undergoes query from various services. In return, the tool provides you banners that will help you understand the type of server and software the domain runs on.

In a word, understanding complicated processes, solving crimes and knowing the history of a specific domain has been made easier and more detailed with the help of this tool.

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