Buying and Selling Websites: Empire Flippers Review

Whether you’re into buying or selling websites, you need the help of website brokers. A website broker helps webmasters sell their online business and provide listings for those who are interested in buying websites.  But before you go and take the plunge, read this Empire Flippers review.

What Empire Flippers Does

You may get into the business of buying and selling websites with  Empire Flippers. Empire Flippers makes it easy for you to buy and sell websites where all the numbers, value and health of the business can be seen right away. The company also has a migrations team where they take care of all the access codes, affiliate links, and log-ins changed. 

Empire Flippers History

A little bit of a backstory about Empire Flippers, the first website they ever sold was their own. The company was founded in 2011 by Joe Magnotti and Justine Cooke. They managed to sell lots of websites in various price ranges totalling in a whopping $5,428,386. They have customers around the world, and their process is surely secure and safe. 

Empire Flippers’ Strengths

Large database of buyers:

Sellers love Empire Flippers because they have a large customer base. This improves sellers’ chances of making a profit.

Sellers’ review

The site claims to do a thorough review of the websites they display for sale.

Customer Support

EF offers good customer support. This is an important factor in any business, especially when it comes to website brokers. 

Easy Process

Sellers get to highlight their website in front of EF’s large client base. EF transfers the site to the new buyer, helping sellers save both time and money.

High Success Rate

EF’s sell-through rate is more than 95%. There are thousands of buyers checking Empire Flippers’ listings daily, so as long as your site is good and promising, you really can make a sale in due course.

Empire Flippers’ Weakness

Mainly, the con of Empire Flippers comes from the fact that cheaper sites are apparently more in demand.

Because of this:

  • Buyers may not have enough time to do proper due diligence
  • There’s an air of rush in the platform


  • A lot of sites are less than 1 year old, making it hard for buyers to predict how well it will work.
  • The questionnaire for sellers is minimal, so buyers really have to do their own due diligence.


There’s no such thing as a perfect website broker. All you have to do is determine your needs and check out the broker that can best meet them. Give Empire Flippers a try and see how it goes.