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It is really easy to create a store on Amazon, but getting customer exposure and actually selling on Amazon? That is another matter entirely. recommends helium 10 because there are so many sellers with the same products. If you are just starting your store, you most likely will not get on the best seller’s list anytime soon without help.

Amazon advertising campaigns require expertise to benefit the seller optimally. The following tips will inform you about advertising campaigns on Amazon that are cost-effective. It will help increase customer traffic and your selling on Amazon.

Tip 1: Begin with Manual Advertising and Testing Automatic Targeting Before Going Fully into Automated Advertising

Manual advertising allows you to have control over your ad campaign. It allows for cost-effective decisions based on customer searches and is especially recommended if you are new to selling on Amazon.

Automatic targeting helps test the Amazon market and keyword research. You may test it for a short time and use the results to fine-tune your manual advertising.

Tip 2: Add Target Keywords in The Listing for Your Product

All successful platforms that sell products provide relevant results during user searches to optimize the user experience. Increase the number of times your ad shows up by adding target keywords in the listings of all your products.

If your products do not include keywords in the listings, your listings may go unseen and unread by thousands of potential clients.

Tip 3: Use Match Types That Are Broad

Amazon’s advertising technique involves match types that are broad, exact, phrases, and negative types. Your goal should be to cast as wide a net as you possibly can.

You may add words after, in the middle, or before target words. For example, if your product is a makeup bag, your ad may include a pink makeup bag, travel size makeup bag, small bag for makeup.

Phrase match is broader and far-reaching than that exact match. It allows you to narrow searches to your ads, and your ad will pop up even if the search is misspelled or plural.

Tip 4: Restrict Your Advertisements

Amazon allows sellers to block certain ads that automatically show up during specific searches through the use of negative keywords. It makes your ad more focused on the products you sell.

Negative keywords increase your sales by letting more interested parties see your ad. You can narrow your ad further by using negative phrase matches. Check the search report from time to time to exclude more keywords.

Tip 5: Organize and Plan Your Advertisement Campaign

The most important tip for a successful and cost-effective campaign is one that is carefully budgeted for. Messy, impromptu campaigns have a high risk of financial losses due to unqualified ad clicks from incorrect keywords. In worst-case scenarios, more money is lost than was invested.

There are various methods of ad campaign organization. The most important thing to include is grouping similar products with keywords related to them.

Another method is by categorization of products by top sellers or brand. Remember that products with varying product margins need different bids. Strategically allocate bids according to profit margin and performance.


Selling your products on Amazon may take time. Ad campaigns can dramatically increase customer traffic. Be patient and consistent, and with time, you will see the results of your ad campaigns.

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