Develop Your Own Game

You may not know it, but the gaming community and best gaming headset under 100 has been continuously increasing day by day. In fact, the 2018 statistics revealed that in the US alone, there were already over 164 million individuals who were into video games. Gamers are known to spend an immeasurable amount of time and effort over their favorite games. Some would even exhaust a great deal of money on gaming equipment just to make the experience way more exhilarating.

No wonder, Game Development careers are highly sought after nowadays. If you have the interest and the knowledge about creating and developing games, this is practically the best time to hone that skills. Although, pursuing such a career is entirely challenging and difficult without all the experience, there are many online tools that will help you figure a thing or two. And, if you are diligent enough with your research, you may end up finding resources which are completely free like the following listed below:


This open-source engine can help you develop both 2D and 3D games. You may utilize this along with a collaborator in the Cloud. PlayCanvas is so efficient since you no longer need to download anything on your device; plus, users are given a disk space of 200MB.

RPG Maker

Role-Playing Games are indeed one of the most well-liked genres in the gaming industry. Maybe it has something to do with the sense of achievement the characters provide to the players as it levels up or gains experience. Well, you can always create a game of this type through RPG Maker if you want.

This engine will allow you to engineer your game’s environments, bosses, combats, and scenes without that much of a hassle.

Construct 2

Construct 2 is a perfect resource for making a two-dimensional game. Its interface is supported by drag-and-drop technology, which is a lot better than creating the entire game from scratch. This tool will also let you use all of your HTML5 skills in great ease. Novice developers will surely have fun using this intuitive tool.


Unity may have started small, but now, more and more developers have been using it. It sure is becoming more popular with game creators. Well, you could use Unity to create both 2D and 3D video games. Plus, the tool is basically compatible with most gaming platforms, if not all.

GameMaker: Studio

This tool is also supported by drag-and-drop technology. It saves you time from coding every single thing. This resource comes with a paid version (Professional and Master Collection). However, if you do not want to upgrade, you are always allowed to take advantage of the free version. It’s just that, you have limited features available on hand.

Succeeding in the world of game development takes a whole lot of “thinking out of the box” attitude. You must aspire to be the most creative version of yourself. You must learn how to be innovative and unique. These characteristics can sharpen through feasible practice and studies. The more you work yourself to the top, the bigger chances of you designing something that will keep gamers etched on their gaming equipment in the future.

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