Even with the popularity of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms, you will be surprised to find out that emails are still a trusted way to reach out to your customers and clients. Email marketing is still a relevant tool in improving customer engagement and eventually increasing sales. One email marketing platform that is so popular among companies is Getresponse. It’s widely used by 3.5 million customers from 182 countries and in 21 different languages. In this Getresponse review, you will learn why it is called the easiest marketing platform there is.

Getresponse: The Easiest Marketing Service

The main reason why Getresponse is so popular among businesses is their user-friendly features that are suitable even to small companies who are just starting to optimize their email marketing campaign. It has an email creator that can be managed and used by people at any skill level. It also comes with different templates that can be fully customized by adding your preferred colors, content, and company logo.

Getresponse Features

This is the best and easiest marketing service as it helps you increase your sales and meet your ROI. This part of our Getresponse review will summarize the different features of this email marketing service.

  1. Email designs. Sending beautiful and attractive mails is so easy with Getresponse as it contains more than 500 design templates, drag-and-drop editor, 1000 free iStock images, and many more.
  2. A/B testing – conducting an A/B testing is so easy with Getresponse, and you will know which version of your mail will be received by the customers.
  3. Automated Emails – With Getresponse, creating an email marketing campaign is so simple and easy. It also comes with drag-and-drop automation tools that will enable you to create workflows so easily.
  4. Reports and Analytics – Finding out the performance of your emails is a breeze with Getresponse analytics and reports features.
  5. Responsive design – all email designed and pre-designed templates are tablets and mobile-friendly ensuring that all subscribers are engaged all the time.
  6. Ability to design landing pages – With Getresponse, email is not your only option as it also offers building excellent landing pages. Making your very own landing pages is so convenient with the drag-and-drop option.


Boost your customer engagement and help increase your company’s sales by using Getresponse as your email marketing platform. This is one of the easiest email marketing platforms there is.