All over the world, Google local guides help tons of people move around the world on Google Maps and gain access to Google local guides jobs.

Google local guide jobs use google maps which allows every user to contribute their content, updating the place, editing information, describing their experiences by providing reviews and insightful answers, and adding places that are missing or checking facts by verifying information.

Google guides also reward you with points and some other amazing benefits. Such benefits include getting early access to features in Google and also partners’ special perks. The points also lead to higher and more advanced levels of programs

Once you attain level four, you can unlock the local guides badge. It helps one become a portion of Google groups that are exclusive and enjoy contests and hangouts which are meant for Google Guides. One can plan a meet-up at their specific location by organizing or planning events and posting to the Google events calendar.

It Helps Build Your Community of Google Local Guides

Google local guides hold annual summits which they usually post in the local guides connect website. They usually choose 100 -150 people. People have to submit a one-minute video with a self-introduction and a few other things. Last year the local guide summit was announced in March.

Google local guides have 5 levels with benefits as listed below:
  • LEVEL 1 -Requires 0+_ points this enables you to join many conversations at local guides connect. It can also enable you to join contests for the guides.
  • LEVEL2 -This requires 5+ points. The points will help you promote your own meet-ups on the calendar. It also gives you access to new Google products and features early.
  • LEVEL3 –Requires 50+ points. In this level, you are eligible to receive training and promotions of unofficial communities. Your local guides badge will get noticed.
  • LEVEL4-Requires 400+ points. One receives Google guides storage for one year.
  • LEVEL5- One can now apply to attend the local guides’ level 5 summits and eventually land google local guides jobs.

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