Grey hat is an SEO technique that’s somewhere in between black and white. This means that it could either get the job done if you know how to execute it, or it could be disastrous if you only have minimal knowledge about it. With that in mind, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the various grey hat techniques.

Buying Old Domains

The web is abundant of old domains with owners not using them as often as they used to. The old domains that you’ve bought can be utilized to make backlinks to increase rankings. Usually, these domains are typically authoritative domains to give links a good looking quality.

Duplicating Content

Obviously, the internet is made of content. Without it, the internet is basically useless. Because of the influx of content in the web, it’s quite challenging to create original content. That is why some content creators duplicate texts from other websites by rewriting and paraphrasing them to make their content look original, thus avoiding plagiarism. If you try this technique, you should execute a thorough proofread before you publish your content. For better convenience, you can make use of software and applications that can detect sentences and phrases with the same structures.


Some SEO specialists consider this technique as a black hat technique, but the majority considers it as a grey hat technique. Cloaking is done by altering the IP address of a site and tampering the meta description of the content. This lures users to enter a site that they thought to contain the content and information they’re looking for. This technique is indeed very risky as it violates the policies of search engines, most notably Google.

Buying Followers

Buying followers is not entirely a bad move, but the engagement in your content is very minimal, and it could hurt your chances of obtaining true followers. Keep in mind that users can scroll your list of followers, and if they notice a lot of questionable accounts with faceless profiles, they may deem you unreliable. Therefore, it’s much better to obtain followers organically; it takes patience, but it’ll pay off.

The bottom line is that grey hat techniques only provide short-term benefits with their individual risks. They’re not practical if you want to stay in the business in the long run.

3 thoughts on “Grey Hat Techniques: Are They Safe?”

  1. Although it is not as safe as white hat SEO, it does not have the stigma that comes with black hat methods. Performing certain grey hat SEO …

  2. I guess they are not safe cuz when the google gets to know about our site it downgrades your website ranking

  3. In spite of the fact, it is not as secure as a white hat SEO, it does now not have the mark that includes black hat methods.

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