HireWriters.com is an online platform for finding writers to complete small to large writing tasks. It is a famous website for both writers and clients, and it’s very easy to use.

HireWriters focuses on matching customers in need of copywriting services with the right freelance copywriters that can meet their requirements. Both clients and writers can rely on the platform to give jobs or find jobs.

Here is our honest HireWriters review.

The Website

The site’s content is mostly dedicated to writers, with clear instructions on how to register as a writer and start working and earning.

As for potential clients, there is also a short video dedicated to guiding them. There is also a listing of different types of writing tasks customers can order.

Products and services:

  • Articles for blog posts and forums
  • Editing and re-writing articles
  • Ghostwriting
  • Product descriptions and reviews
  • Email autoresponder creation

Customers use the website by creating an account and then placing orders. These orders are then placed on a job board where writers can select and fulfill.

Quality of Writing Products and Services

While HireWriters promises to have plenty of native English-speaking writers, a lot of reviews indicate that a number of writers on the platform do not really sound native. According to some HireWriters reviewers, most of the writers’ works have lots of grammatical lapses and composition errors.


The company’s hiring process for writers does not exhibit proper filtering of skills. Writers simply go through a simple registration process without background and skills check.


The prices on the platform are published on charts. HireWriters’ prices range from $0.65 to $1250.00. There are no discounts, coupon codes, or any special offerings for customers looking for writing products and services. Although the prices are relatively reasonable, they are not reasonable enough for the level of quality of the products and services offered.


HireWriters’ customer support is more for writers than it is for customers. A significant portion of information is dedicated to helping writers understand how to progress from the lowest to the highest levels and guiding them on how to get paid.


For this HireWriters review, it seems that HireWrites is only good for web-based services looking for copywriting services. It is not ideal for customers looking for high-quality writing products purely written by native English speakers.

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