Fiverr is an online platform with a worldwide reach, and it provides services and jobs to clients and freelancers respectively. The title of the firm, fiverr is derived from the fact that most services start at five dollars. To know how fiverr works, you need to be familiar with the following glossary:

  • Gig: Gig is a micro-job and highlights the service you sell on Fiverr. By creating a gig, you get to show off your skills and give prospective buyers all the possible information they need about your offer, such as the price, the scope, and so on.
  • Seller: This refers to the freelancer who is looking to offer services to the client base.
  • Buyer: The one who hires the seller– the employer.
  • Order: When a buyer chooses a gig, an order is then placed.
  • Posting the request: An opportunity for a buyer to post a request for the Fiverr community to grab.

How fiverr works

The freelancer will post a gig to attract jobs. An interested buyer then purchases the gig for at least five dollars. Buyers can also post a request and wait for freelancers to respond.

The registration process is simple and free. Just provide the necessary information and follow the steps accordingly.

Buyers and sellers

Buyers can view and select the gigs they need by using the search function or by browsing the categories and home pages. The sellers will accomplish the task and will receive eighty percent of the money that the buyer has already paid in advance. 20% goes to the platform.