Earning Online: How Does Fiverr Work

Fiverr is an online platform with a worldwide reach, and it provides services and jobs to clients and freelancers respectively. The title of the firm, fiverr comes from the fact that most services start at five dollars. Moreover, the site is beloved by freelancers who utilize it as a venue to market their unique array of services to people across the planet. To comprehend how fiverr works we need to be familiar with the following glossary words.

  • Gig: This is a service that can be delivered by the experts on Fiverr. An example would be the transcription and translation of Portuguese audio.
  • Seller: The seller is a recognized individual who advertises her/his services and is also commonly known as the freelancer (Individual accomplishing the gig)
  • Buyer: A registered individual who is free to hire the seller and can also be labelled as the employer.
  • Order: When a buyer has asserted her/his interest in a particular gig, the gig is now referred to as an order.
  • Posting the request: An opportunity for a buyer to communicate his/her request for a service that is reasonable and can be fulfilled.

How fiverr works

The freelancer(seller) first communicates his areas of expertise by offering a gig. An interested buyer then purchases the gig for at least five dollars. Signing up is the pre-requisite for carrying out transactions on this website.


The registration process is simple and free. Just provide the necessary information and follow the steps accordingly.

Buyers and sellers

Buyers can view and select the gigs they need by using the search function or by browsing the categories and home pages. The sellers will accomplish the task and will receive eighty percent of the money that the buyer has already paid in advance. 20% goes to the platform.