Photo Storage Service

Cameras are becoming more accessible to everyone through the integration of camera lenses to our smartphones. When we see something nice, something worth remembering, or some bonding moment with friends, we all take out our smartphones and snap a photo of it. According to this source, all of these snapshots are saved in our default phone storage. However, these storages have limits and they’ll get full at some point. Deleting them is one solution but, with all those memories attached, you find yourself having second thoughts deleting them. This is where photo storage services come in.

What is a photo storage service?

These are third-party, cloud-based photo storage service that allows you to upload all your photos into an online drive. Many of our smartphones have built-in cloud storage services that have the option to sync your gallery to them and have them stored up for you. Some of them even have value-added functionalities such as auto-sync, Memories, and even built-in photo editors.

You can also share it directly on your favorite social media sites without having the need to download it back to your local phone storage. Most photo sellers and resellers use this service to store their photos that are for sale. Built-in cloud storages are usually free but they offer less storage. If you are decided to extend your cloud memory to save more of your snapshots, you can opt for a subscription service or pay for added storage capacity.

Choosing the photo storage service that suits you

Choosing the photo storage service that suits you needs a lot of thinking. You would want to know how much capacity it offers and what else it can do for you aside from clearing some of your photo storage. To help you find the one that suits your needs, here are some of the most well-known photo storage service on the Internet.

Google Photos

This photo storage service by Google is a default in almost all Android phones. They offer a good deal of photo storage service, paired with live links associated with the photo, and all the amenities you can get in a gallery app. Recently, they have just released a new plan for those who wanted to extend their photo storage. This is called Google One and it offers 100 GB of storage for US$19.99 a year. Other higher plans are also available that suits your needs.


If you are into selling your snaps online, this photo storage service lets you do just that. By publishing your pictures, whether it may be art or a technical photograph, you will be selling your photos. Aside from its 2GB storage of, including publishing, for their free membership, you can upgrade for as low as US$15 to get you more perks than just your regular storage service.

Amazon Photos

Now, if your photos are really massive, you may want to upload it on Amazon. All it takes is your very own Amazon account and a Prime subscription and you will get this photo storage service. It allows you to upload photos as big as 49 GB size. You have an initial storage space of 5 GB for your photos and an option to increase it for as low as US$11.99 for 100 GB storage.


Photo storage services are better used for keeping all those memories on a snapshot. While many use their social media sites to keep these photos alive, those that are not for social media but are still memorable will need to be stored elsewhere. Luckily, these storage services exist and can be your savior when managing your phone storage.

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