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YouTube is one of the most used sites today and usually is the first platform that comes to mind when we want to watch and video and pass some free time. Every now and then, though, there are just some videos on YouTube that we want to access offline. But, YouTube does not allow this. Luckily, there is a YouTube to mp3 converter to get the job done. This is where YouTube converters come into play. The most commonly used converters have elementary tools like these:

  • Download YouTube Videos in different formats.
  • Convert from video to audio.
  • Change the quality of the video.
  • Control bitrate of audio.

All these tools are included in the “must-have” list of a YouTube Converter application. If you’re planning to convert some videos soon, here are some tips on how to choose the right YouTube converter for this:

Use and Download Official Software

It is best to use an official software application provided by the original website rather than using a moded or cracked version. Cracks and mods include malicious bugs and even harmful viruses, so keep away from them.

Try Using Online Conversion Websites Instead

This method is especially good when you do not download YouTube videos on the go. Online services save you from having a dedicated application installed on your device, thus saving your system from vulnerabilities. Websites provide very good YouTube converters, so you can rely on them than apps.

Monitor your System

If you do opt to install an app for some reasons, after you have installed one such as YouTube Converter, in this case, start noticing the behavior of your system after the application has begun running. If the system is stable as before, there is no need to worry, but, if the system resource usage becomes extraordinarily large, you will have a problem at your hands. Thus, stop the downloading process immediately and uninstall the app.

Judge a Book by its Cover

Even though we have been told not to judge a book by its cover, it’s highly recommended that you pay keen attention to the converter’s user interface. A good or official app or website usually has a nice and optimized display experience whereas moded or a “bad” software has broken pixels and displays errors. Watch out for these!

Read User Reviews

This is the best method to evaluate authenticity. Responsible users, after using a product, generally leave a review on the website or store from where they downloaded a software. Read those reviews, and you will find the pros and cons of the software you are planning to use. It is always advised to read the reviews first before downloading any application.

See if it Works as Advertised

Now that you have selected a YouTube converter, check if it works as explained in its description. If it lives up to expectations, congratulations! This would be your last step to check the integrity of your selection.


Now that you are all set to go, do a last-minute check. The converter must use the official YouTube site to search and convert videos. If it is all set, let the downloading commence!

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  1. I think this is a high-quality method to evaluate originality. Accountable customers, after using a product, commonly go away a evaluate at the website or store from in which they downloaded a software.

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