eBay is one of the world’s largest e-commerce sites that facilitates both consumers and businesses to buy and sell products on its platform. One can negotiate, place a bid, or purchase products instantaneously on the seller’s enlisted shop.

With a varied listing and a consumer base in more than 50 countries across the world, sellers flock to this website to set up their shop and reach to their target customers. However, they have to comply with a given set of guidelines and maintain good customer relations in order to keep their shop up and running.

There might be times when the customer has a query about a given product pre-purchase or post-purchase and wants to contact the seller for particular reasons. Here are a few steps in which the customer can raise a query to the seller.

How to contact a seller on eBay before making a purchase

A seller has the option to share a contact number on the shop front. If such a number is available on the shop front, you can reach out to the seller directly. If not, you can still find the number in the contact form pages provided by the seller.

If the seller has chosen not to give out a contact number, you can still raise a query via an enquiry email, which will be forwarded to him by the eBay server.

Oftentimes, the answer to your query is in the details section of the product. Make sure you have done your research well before taking forward such a query. Also, make sure to keep your contact information updated in case the seller tries to contact you back with a possible solution to your inquiry.

How to contact a seller on eBay after you’ve made a purchase

There are times when there is an issue with the product that you’ve received after making a purchase. In such cases, you can go to your Purchase History and contact the seller for the specified item. Simple!

Beware of fraudulent activities

eBay neither allows nor promotes any sale to happen off-site. If the seller tries to complete a transaction outside the site, make sure to report the activity to eBay.

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