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CBD is rising to popularity fast, and there is no denying that the competition in the market is fiercer. When you are engaged in CBD vape cartridge E-commerce, you need to come up with a strategy so your website will rank high in the search engine results. The higher your website ranks, the higher chances of getting clicks, which will increase the visits to your website and eventually, higher sales.

A basic yet one of the most important things you can do is to find the best keywords. Why keywords? It is because keywords are fundamental to achieving the visibility you aim for.

Research to Find the Best Keywords 

You can find the best through frequently asked questions of your customers or your competitors’ customers. You can even go through online forums so you will know what they are talking about and how they see the products you are selling. It may not be your brand they’re talking about, but this will significantly assist you in knowing your target keywords. Knowing your competitors’ keywords may be useful too.

Also, take note of how competitors sell their items online. A lot of sellers are now highlighting the health or mental benefits of their products. They do this by including them in the title of their products. Those benefits may be used as your keywords as well.

Factors You Need to Lookout to Find the Best Keywords

The primary method mentioned above is your stepping stone in finding the best keywords. However, such is not enough to fully determine its potential and effectiveness.

Although there are several keyword search tools which you can use to find keywords, these tools would be useless unless you understand these factors:

  • Search volume and competitiveness of the keyword
  • Relevance of the keyword
  • Intent of potential buyers

Search Volume and Competitiveness of Keywords

Knowing the number of searches a given keyword has, gives you an overview of whether or not the keyword is highly searched or not. You can use Google Trends to identify if the particular keyword you are eyeing for is popular or not.

If it is highly-searched, then it just means that a lot of people are looking for information about it. However, it does not necessarily mean that you should use the same keywords, which are highly-searched because this also means that a lot of your competitors are using the same. This will make it harder for you to rank high in search engines.

A tip you should try is to come up with longer keywords. Although longer keywords have lower search volumes, this makes it easier for your keywords to rank high up in search results.

Relevance of the Keyword

You can use keyword relevance when you aim to promote a products page. With this, you will have to classify your products accordingly then find keywords which are intimately related to your products and place the keywords in the following:

  • URL
  • Meta description
  • Title and/or body of the article and italicize it or display it in bold letters

For example, if your products page is for CBD oil, you’re your URL should appear like this: www.yourcbdstorename.com/cbdoil/50-ml.

Intent of Potential Buyers

When it comes to intent, a buyer’s purpose, which brings in sales, is what matters the most. Words such as best, buy, purchase, deals, sales, cheap, and other similar terms are usually used together with target keywords. For example, “buy cheap CBD oil online.”

Aside from this, you can also type in your targeted keywords followed by a, b, c, and so on to see what are the suggested searches that appear on the drop-down search results for you to know what are the most searched related keywords.


Finding the best keywords is a mixture of diligently doing your research, using keyword search tools, and taking into account the factors mentioned above. Once you generate the keywords, don’t forget to create well-written content on your website.

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