Format Phone Numbers

Nowadays, communicating with people around the globe is very easy and convenient. According to, what people fail to realize is the importance of learning how to format phone numbers.

Although some phones automatically input the format, others don’t. So, to prevent any inconvenience, you should know how to format it by yourself. Don’t worry, formatting phone numbers is very easy to do, which will be thoroughly discussed in this article.

Know the Country Code

Before you text or call, you know the person you want to communicate with his international country code. This is important when you are calling or texting from other parts of the world.

For instance, in the United Kingdom, their mobile phone number begins with “07.” Hence, when messaging or calling someone from the UK, you need to add the country code plus their number. If you fail to do so, the system will still interpret the mobile number otherwise.

For the number to lead in the UK, you should add “+44.” Hence, the formatting number should be like this “+44 7912 345678.” Take note that the last 10-digit number is the subscriber’s phone number.

E.164 Formatting is Recommended

For an easier phone number formatting, you can make use of the E.164 technique. E.164 formatting is designed to format international phone numbers so you can send a message or route a call to a particular person or a country’s public telecommunication network.

Here’s How E.164 Formatting Works

  • Mobile phone numbers can have a maximum of 15 digits
  • The first 3 digits of a person’s phone number are known as the country code
  • The second number is called the NDC or national destination code
  • The last remaining part of the last 10 digits is the subscriber’s phone number (SN)
  • The NDC and SN combined together are called the nation’s significant number.

Here how you can use the example shown above:

  • International country code (United Kingdom): +44
  • National Destination Code (NDC): 7912
  • Subscriber Number (SN): 345678
  • Formatting Number: +447912345678

Bear in mind that the E.164 formatting requires that the 0 in the local number is removed. When you are calling in the UK to a UK subscriber, the local number looks like this “07912 345678.” On the other hand, the international formatting should be like this, “+44 9912 345678.”

How to Determine if the Format Phone Number is Correct

To determine if the format phone number is correct, you need to see your E.164 formatting number through the mobile number parser demo. A mobile parser demo is a software used by Google to identify if the format phone numbers in your android phone are correct.


Voice call and SMS messaging is the easiest way to communicate with people across the world. But with many countries, you have to reach out; it comes with a lot of restrictions. However, this guide will help you reach the person you want to talk with wherever they are. Make sure to utilize the E.64 formatting in reaching out to friends and loved ones abroad.

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