SEO is a tricky and challenging technique to use to promote your website. However, with Moz Pro, SEO will be a joy ride to success. Getting started on Moz Pro might be a tricky affair, but here is a guideline on how to make the most out of Moz Pro.

Step 1. Set Up

  • Sign up using Webinar Walkthrough.
  • Invite a team member and assign a seat.
  • Customize the type of emails you would like to receive from Moz Pro.
  • Download Mozbar or Moz SEO toolbar for your browser.
  • Complete the remaining parts of the Moz profile.

Step 2. Keyword Research

  • Discover and prioritize keywords using the keyword explorer.
  • Create a list of keywords.
  • To begin tracking keywords, add any of the keywords to the campaign tool.

Step 3. Industry Research and Brand Management

  • Use fresh web explorer to analyze mentions and review competition in the internet.
  • Create a fresh web explorer alert to get new mentions notifications in your inbox.
  • Make use of link explorer.


  • Research which pages your top competitors are linking to.
  • Set goals, track and analyze your link building advancement using a link tracking list.

Step 5. Rankings

  • If you want to know how you rank among other websites, go to your campaign and then rankings. This will show you where you rank best and areas of improvement.
  • Utilize SERP features to get an insight on which features relate to your keywords. This will help you improve the visibility of your website in the search engines.
  • To create more traffic to your website, find out which keywords drive organic traffic by utilizing landing pages.

Step 6. Page Optimization

  • Go to your campaign and then proceed to page optimization.
  • Enter a keyword and add a target URL.

Step 7. Site Crawl

  • Go to the site crawl feature in the campaign tool to know which issues restrict your website’s SEO and get to learn how to resolve them.
  • You can analyze the technical issues of particular pages on your site.

Follow this seven-step Moz Pro guideline, and you will be ranking highest sooner than you expected.

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