If you’re one of those people that got bored looking at generic fonts in your computer and want new ones, then follow these steps on how to install fonts on PC.

Steps in Installing New Fonts on Your PC

  1. Look for new fonts in reliable sites

There are dozens of sites on the internet that offer downloadable fonts for your PC. However, some of them have viruses and malware. Look for good fonts only from reliable sites.

  1. Download your chosen fonts

Click on the download button of your chosen font. TTF and OTF font formats are both supported by Windows operating systems. More importantly, never download fonts that require an installer or comes in EXE format. These files are typically vehicles for viruses, malware, and other unnecessary programs.

  1. Extract the files

Most font files downloaded from websites are contained in a ZIP file, especially numerous fonts that come in packages. Before you can install them, extract the font files first from the ZIP file. To do this, double-click the ZIP file, and then drag the font files onto your desktop.

  1. Go to the Control Panel and look for the Fonts option

Once you’ve entered the Control Panel, click the ‘view by’ menu located on the upper-right side. Select the ‘icons’ options; this helps you to quickly find the ‘Fonts’ option. Click the ‘Fonts’ option once you’ve located it to access the Fonts window. It will show you all the fonts installed in your PC.

  1. Transfer the font files into the Fonts window to install them

You can either ‘copy & paste’, drag, or ‘move to’ them to the Fonts window. Double check if it’s the TTF or OTF file, and not the ZIP file that they were contained in. TTF and OTF files are easy to identify because they have a font icon.

  1. If prompted, enter the administrator password

Like other installments you’ll do with your PC, installing fonts also requires administrator’s permission, especially if other people also use it. However, it is unlikely if you’re the only user of your PC.

Use your newly installed fonts (Conclusion)

Once the process is accomplished, your fonts are now good for use. Just follow the simple steps on how to install fonts on PC and you won’t have any problems.

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