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A best seller amazon badge will always show up when your wildlife motion camera reviews is in a listing. As little as the badge may sound, that orange badge will tremendously increase your clicks and your conversion rates. Consequently, it will effectively boost your ranking, as well as sales for every keyword a potential buyer types in.

So, how can you make your product become a best seller on Amazon?


Be cautious when determining your product category.


Start by looking at your product category or even changing it. Each product has several groups where you can list it. That is why there can be different bestsellers, under one product niche. For instance, trail cameras can suit the camera and camcorders category.


When choosing a category, bear in mind that Amazon is among the world`s leading digital market. Therefore, it is wise to compete in a simple group. How do you know a more accessible category?


Visit each category, then compare each review count to the best seller rating. The most accessible category will be one that has the least reviews but high bestseller ratings. Knowing this, you have leveled your entry ground.


Keyword optimization


Enough emphasis cannot be said on the need to conduct proper keyword optimization. There are thousands of keywords which relate to each niche. The probability of using all of them in your product listing is almost impossible.


So, start by doing keyword research, and act like you are new to the keywords. Now, optimize each aspect of your listing using these keywords. Finally, backend the listing to use any suitable keyword.


Let us discuss the first step in detail:


The first step is to conduct an in-depth keyword search. You can make this easy by checking Amazon`s drop-down keyword-finder. It will enable you to discover Amazon-based keywords, which will bring to light new keywords you may not have been aware of.


Now, go to Google Keyword Planner and check for relevant keywords. Since you are likely to forget some of them, save them in a word document. When writing your listing, use related words naturally.

Sales velocity


This is the final step that determines whether you blow the competition and win the spot. There are three steps to this strategy. The first is the ranking trick. While many of you are aware of it, are you doing it right?


When a potential buyer searches for your product on Amazon, they will have a listing to go through. To know your link, check through the listing. When you find it, right-click and save it. That is your product link.


The second step has a price drop. Before dropping your price, always check your margins so that you still make a profit. Reducing your cost will increase your ranking, and sometimes conversions too.


The third step is buying ranks through giveaways. When a seller gives away items say at 90% discount, their sales velocity dramatically shoots up. This could be a great strategy to outdo competitors.


With the three strategies above, you can be sure to be the best seller in your category.

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