Staying on top above all other existing ICOs is almost impossible to achieve. New ones suddenly emerge from nowhere and some vanish just as fast. In order to avoid that, you should have solid marketing for your ICO. For example, when Ripple exploded people all over the world were searching about how to buy Ripple in Australia. The marketing campaign must be a combination of various strategies to raise the reach and boost the discoverability to capitalists.

Get Into ICO Listing

First of all, you have to get listed on famous ICO calendars to advance in your marketing. These websites can provide the necessary mileage without spending more. Also, they introduce the newly launched cryptocurrencies. Here are some of them:

  • com
  • com
  • net
  • com
  • com
  • com

Guest Posting to Other Crypto Websites

You need to search for several trusted, crypto-related sites that allow editorial contributions. Publish an article about your ICO on their website. This will be a great help in publicizing your venture because you’ll be able to “piggyback” with the site’s avid audiences. Moreover, this will enhance your SEO rankings by building backlinks to your website.

In the cryptocurrency world, making guest posts is one of the most effective ways to establish business connections. These websites must have good contents to get interests from the public, and you need their audience to invest in your crypto token. Both of you will be benefited. In addition, due to this, the quality of traffic directing to your site will also get better. Make sure that your target sites are concentrated in the crypto world, preferably in ICOs. The sites must ideally have a solid reputation of frequently posting great appealing articles. Bear in mind that when posting to another website, your name will be associated with theirs. Be extra careful that the website has a history of publicizing or promoting suspicious ICOs because people will recognize and never forget this.

Social Media Marketing

In the research conducted by RAD Lending, they found out that social media marketing was significant to the success of about 100 ICOs. Almost all had a mass follower in all top social media sites like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. However, aside from these major platforms, there are other sites for the ICO community that are also effectual for your success.  These are:

  • Slack
  • Reddit
  • Telegram

Those successful ICOs used these platforms to accommodate forums where their followers can find answers to their questions and interact with their followers and vice versa.

Paid Advertising and Marketing

Although Google, Twitter and Facebook have prohibited ICO-affiliated advertising, there are still well-known crypto-specific media for PPC marketing. One of them is CoindAd, it permits you to attain excellent traffic by means of banner advertisements. So before you discard paid advertising and PPC tactic, consider these platforms to get the attention of investors.


It is never an easy task to run an ICO. There are a lot of struggles you may meet along your way to success. In order for you to avoid failures and be on top of your game, you must follow the recommendations and pieces of advice this article offers.

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