There is actually a time when all Facebook users obtained a Facebook messenger email address in which they could convey a message using existing email services, like Gmail, for instance. This is a clear way for users who want to know how to send email on Facebook. However, that service has been discontinued by Facebook though there is still a way to search for someone else’s email, phone number, or contact information in Google Talk, using Facebook.

Searching for Email and Phone Number on Facebook

If you wanted to send an email to someone but currently don’t have their email address, you can actually search for it using their Facebook profile. That’s because there are some people who prefer to share their contact information in the said site though it is only optional. Even though you are currently using your contact number or your email address to log in on Facebook, you can customize your privacy settings to keep this important information private as well as limit the users who can view it. Since if you don’t, this is one way for other people to know how to send email to Facebook from Gmail.

In order to view another user’s contact information, just visit their profile on Facebook using the website and even using a Smartphone’s app. Click or Tap “About”, then search for the “Contact and Basic info” section to view the information they are currently sharing.

Facebook Forwarding and Emailing

There’s a short period before that Facebook offered their own email service, but it was only used for a short while before it was changed into a “Forward Message” feature that sends messages into people’s separate email addresses. This service is now discontinued permanently; therefore, you cannot contact anyone anymore using a Facebook email address.

Using Facebook and Messenger

If you don’t have the person’s contact information, you can still reach them through Facebook if you are ‘friends’ with them. If you are ‘friends’ on Facebook, then you can message them directly by sending them a Facebook message as well as writing on their timeline. Tagging them on various posts could also help you reach them out.


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