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Are you thinking about starting a pet-related platform? If so, one of the requirements you need to be a pet influencer like’s website is having a blog. Blogs are a great way to show people your expertise in pet care. A blog acts as the central hub of your brand, so you should know how to make engaging ones. How do you do this? Below are some tips on how to start one:

Reasons Why You Should Have a Blog

  • Serves as an education hub for other pet parents
  • Speaking for pets that don’t have a say
  • To interact with other pet caregivers that have the same hobbies
  • Exchange ideas concerning animal care.
  • To market your pet business

Guidelines on Starting a Pet Blog

Design a Blog Strategy

First of all, you need to create a blog strategy before you start with the technical aspects. Think about the niche of your blog plan and the reasons why you want to be an animal influencer. The following are the steps you need to undertake:

Know your purpose and outline your goals.

Choose a topic and focus on your blogging niche.

Find a name for your blog and other social media accounts

Set Up the Technical Aspect of the Blog

Establishing the technical features of a blog does not have to be devastating as you may think. The market is full of various blogging platforms from which you can select. Nevertheless, it is advisable to have a self-hosted word press site as it’s flexible and convenient. The following are the guidelines you need to take:

Buy a Domain Name. It serves as the address of your blog. For people to search it, they will need a name to type in the address bar.

Get a Hosting Package. It is a space where the files of your blog are stored to make them accessible to the world. You need to pay for this space, either monthly or yearly, depending on your preference. With a budget of $10 per month, you can easily acquire a hosting package.

Set Up Word Press. After you install, you can then create a username and password. From there, you can begin blogging.

Design the Blog. You may buy a theme of your choice. Alternatively, you may use the free idea that comes with word press. Themes give your blog a particular style and outlook. You can also add plugins, which enhance your blog’s functionality without having to code it.

Create your Content. For you to attract a large following, you need to create high-quality content continually. If it is your first time, create, at best, ten blog posts that you can publish and market.

Blog Monetization

As you promote your blog, it is vital you come up with a plan to make money from it. Some of these ways are through affiliate marketing, sponsored contents, ads, digital products, and services.


Developing a pet blog needs time, patience, and dedication. However, as long as you have a niche strategy and the technical aspects, you are good to go. Soon, you will start reaping from the effort you’ve put in the blog.

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  1. Yes, and as the blog is promoted, it is necessary you come up with a plan to make money from it. Some of these ways are through affiliate marketing, sponsored contents, ads, digital products, and services.

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