Sitemaps must be submitted manually; search engines have their own steps to be followed in submitting sitemaps in their respective sites. Listed below are guidelines on how to submit a sitemap to Yahoo, Google and Bing.
How to submit sitemaps to Google
  •  The site must be authenticated first. Google won’t recognize sitemaps that are not approved and validated by the staff.
1. Proceed to Google Webmaster Tools.
2. Choose “Add a Site” and enter the URL in the provided box and press continue.
3. Click the radio button next to “Add Meta Tag” when a new page appears.
4. Then, copy Meta tag from the instruction box.
5. Access the site you want to double-check.
6. Next, select ‘More Actions’, then press “Manage the Site”.
7. Below Site Setting tab, select “General” from the given options.
8. Paste the Meta tag in the provided space after Verification and save.
9. Finally, proceed to Webmaster Tools to verify.
  •  Second, submit the sitemap.
1. Access Webmaster Tools site.
2. Second, choose the sitemap’s site.
3. Next, select Site Configuration-Sitemaps.
4. In the right top corner, press Add/Test Sitemap.
5. Then, paste the code: /system/feeds/sitemap
6. Lastly, press Submit.
How to submit sitemap to Yahoo
1. First, open your Yahoo account.
2. Second, access Yahoo Site Explorer.
3. Third, copy-paste URL of the site and click “Add My Site”. In addition, confirm that you are the owner or else your sitemap won’t be accepted.
4. Next, select your site’s URL and press, on the right column, the feed links.
5. Then paste the sitemap’s URL and let the drop down “Website Feed.” After that, click Add Feed.
6. Lastly, Yahoo! will verify the site and the sitemap too. After it’s done, Yahoo will begin indexing the site.
      *Note: Bing Webmaster Tools have replaced Yahoo Site Explorer.
How to submit sitemap to Bing
1. For starters, open your Windows Live Account.
2. Then, proceed to Bing Master Center.
3. To add website, paste the sitemap’s URL in the URL bar, then select Add Site.
4. Afterwards, the site will be checked by the staff and will be accepted if the sitemap is working.
      In conclusion, it is important to follow each search engine’s procedures so that the submitted sitemaps will work efficiently.


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