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There is a misconception that it is illegal to buy Instagram followers. Instagram’s Terms of Service are violated when someone buys followers, but it is relatively simple to avoid getting banned from the site by buying only high-quality followers sold by credible vendors.

Why People Buy Followers

Famous people, including politicians, celebrities, and business entities, have been involved in buying free instagram followers instantly. They believe that the masses will judge them based on the number of people following their accounts.

Businesses use the numbers to assess the success of their marketing efforts. People tend to check on the individuals or brands with a large following. In short, buying followers is a way of increasing your visibility, and the process involved is relatively easy and legal.

How to Legally Buy Followers

Buying followers is different from Instagram automation. Automation could lead to account suspension because it involves buying a robot to follow, comment, and like on your behalf. Buying followers is a distinct but easy process. You only need to link your account with a service provider, pay a specific fee, and wait as your audience increases. There is a large pool of companies that deals with this type of service.

The fee charged by companies significantly varies. Some companies charge relatively low, but this will mostly translate to low-quality services. You could be buying only inactive followers that will not be useful to your account.

How Much Reputable Companies Charge for Active Followers

Reputable companies typically charge more than $1,000 for 10,000 followers. These followers are usually active and will routinely interact with your account through viewing your content, commenting, and liking. On the other hand, options such as bot automation are cheaper.

Other options of buying Instagram followers is to pay companies that will follow Instagram users on your behalf, hoping that they will also follow you back. However, this option might result in users who are total strangers.

The service provider will usually ask you the characteristics of followers you want in your account in terms of location, age, and gender among others. They may use a bot to unfollow the users who have not followed you and add new users.

It is always advisable to check the reviews of the companies before paying them for the services. Some service providers have been accused of creating bots that eventually unfollow your account days after paying them for the services.

Why You Should Not Illegally Buy Followers

Buying Instagram followers is unethical and could lead to account suspension when the formal process is not followed. Your followers might be dormant, and as such, they won’t add any value to your account. Aside from that, they may not comment or like your posts.

When the public realizes that your followers are fake, your brand will end up getting a bad image. When selling your brand is your core objective, the effects will be adverse as people will lose trust in you or your brand.

In fact, some reputable companies and famous people have lost credibility when their accounts are discovered to be full of fake followers. Therefore, if you want to buy followers for your Instagram account, it certainly helps to buy only from reputable sellers.

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