Iwriter is one of the many freelancing platforms for writers. Freelance writers get the chance to earn money by writing web content, blog articles, reviews, essays, product descriptions, and so on.

Sign Up

Signing up on iWriter is a breeze, and it is free of charge. You only require to fill in a few personal details, and before long you are ready to start earning online.

Accessing Jobs

Jobs are available immediately after your account is approved. You can start writing and earning after you sign up. The more you produce quality jobs for your client, the more job requests you get. If you write the best articles, clients can make you their go-to writer and request you to do their projects exclusively.

Iwriter does not take long to pay approved projects. You can choose to receive payments weekly or twice a week.

Iwriter Levels

Iwriter has different levels depending on the quality of your work. As a beginner, you will start at the lowest level, and if your work is great, you can rank up and be able to grab the more expensive tasks.

Iwriter has three levels, the standard level, the premium level, and the elite plus level which fetches the best pay.

The Iwriter App

Iwriter has made it easier for writers to bid for jobs when they are not near their computers. They developed an app, downloadable from various platforms such as Google Playstore. You can install the app on your phone or tablet.

It is however impossible to work on tasks using your mobile phone.

The app helps writers to stay up to date with job availability, and they can also withdraw payments from the app.

Don’ts in Iwriter

There are certain things that you should not do while using iWriter. For example, you cannot ask for client’s contact details, use abusive language, or run multiple iWriter accounts and use a proxy.

When it comes to writing, plagiarism is strictly forbidden.

Iwriter is however not a get-rich-quick scheme. It requires hard work and commitment to submitting quality articles. You will also need patience and determination to grow slowly but surely.

Cons of Using IWriter

The features above are great reasons to use iWriter. Job availability is great with this platform. However, the main disadvantage is that clients can reject your articles as they deem fit. Although there are clients who are reasonable, some clients tend to reject projects without a valid reason. This means your work is unpaid and not credited. However, as long as you do your best each time, you can minimize the chances of getting rejected. But then again, unreasonable people are always everywhere, and you can do nothing if clients click the reject button. If you get rejected, your score will drop and it will be harder for you to get premium rates.

Overall, if you stick to sheer hardwork and quality, iWriter is a great platform that allows you to be your own boss and work from anywhere you want while earning well.