Email marketing is an essential marketing strategy for any business. With email marketing, businesses can inform loyal customers of what’s new in their business — be it new products and services, special events, or discounts, deals and coupon codes. Mad Mimi Vs MailChimp are two tools for email marketing. In this article, let’s find out which between the two is the better choice.

Mad Mimi

Mad Mini, founded by Gary Levitt, wasn’t really a good email marketing company at first. Their initial goal was to simply create an email — one that is simple, stylish, and easy to make to promote their music company.

They looked for online email services and found quite a lot, but they weren’t really satisfied with what they saw. Seeing all those outdated templates, they made their very own design and aimed to create something new, simple, and easy.

They designed their own company’s email campaigns. Eventually, people started asking them to create emails for them. They grabbed the opportunity and then offered more services, including delivery, tracking, audience management, and support.


  • Comes with great website design and user interface
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Free
  • Has features that can move subscribers between lists
  • Offers live chat support
  • Affordable


  • Some content is prohibited
  • Affiliate marketing is prohibited
  • Users can only use one account per site
  • Double opt-in cannot be set up for certain services
  • There’s only one email template available


MailChimp is an online marketing platform founded in 2001. They focus on innovative products that empower small businesses.


  • Provides analytics
  • Finished products are well polished and professional
  • Comes with a feature that can schedule emails


  • The process of designing email templates is long

Mad Mimi Vs MailChimp: Which Is Better?

In the battle, Mad Mimi Vs MailChimp, the winner in this review is Mad Mimi. It is sophisticated and provides new, unique, and stylish emails. It’s free, action-based, and time-based. Plus, it has a wide variety of templates. More importantly, it offers many different features that makes email marketing a much easier task.

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