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While few people clean their houses to relieve stress, there are those who think that it adds stress. Also, some perhaps don’t have the luxury of time for house cleaning due to their full schedules, so most people hand over this task to san diego house cleaning services or housekeepin.

As we live in the 21st century, the cleaning industry keeps on changing and developing. Fortunately, there are new machines that are designed to make house cleaning easy, convenient, and quick. Aside from the advantage that these cleaning tools won’t utter complains, they also perform cleaning tasks well. Here is a list on some of the most advanced cleaning technology today:

Floor-Cleaning Sneakers

The perfect tool in keeping a bacteria and dust-free home. Designed by Adika Titut Triyugo, the floor-cleaning sneakers don’t only clean floors but can also be used in various functions. The indoor shoes named “Foki” shoes are powered by a rechargeable battery and also come with two rotary cleaning devices. Its LED display can help users monitor the cleanliness level of their environment. It is simple to use and can be a great help in house cleaning.

Dirt-Detecting Vacuum Cleaners

Cleaning a carpet can be the most exhausting task in house cleaning, but worry not because Samsung has released their new dirt-detecting vacuum cleaner. One of its unique features is the ability to regulate air flow and maximize cleaning. Also, when the power output is low and there’s less dirt, the machine will create a much lesser noise. You will definitely get a noisy cleaning time if you got a dusty living room.

Sensor-Activated Trash Cans

On lazy days, people would often toss trash into bins, and in most cases, they tend to miss the target. To solve that, here comes the Smart Trash Can by Minoru Kurata designed to go around catching trash being thrown in the air. Fully equipped with sensor activated abilities that would help minimize garbage in the room.

This amazing invention proves that a simple household item can turn into an extraordinary tool. Surely, this smart trash bin is a must have for every home.

Fingerprint-free Screen Cleaners

Flatscreens such as TVs, laptops, computers, tablets, and phones should be clean. Not cleaning your devices is not advisable due to smudges, fingerprint marks, and bacteria buildup. IF you’re confused on how to properly clean them, the Touchscreen Mist Cleaner can be of great help in keeping your flat screen devices smudge and dirt-free. It’s also efficient and easy to use with just the press of a button.

Electronic Pest Suckers

Getting rid of bugs will never be the same again with this electronic bug vacuum. A rechargeable tool with a nozzle that can get hold of unreachable corners. Better than fly swatters and other pest-killing tools in the market, it easily sucks any bugs and disposes of the dead insect. Spend less money and time by investing in a bug vacuum, as it will take care of your pest problems at home without the use of harsh chemicals. Definitely a must-have house cleaning tool for every home.

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