In order to add user interaction among website visitors, web developers and designers are adding forums and discussion boards to their website to make it more interesting. For them, the discussion is choosing between mybb vs phpbb as the two are the best available forum software in the market as of this moment. In this article, you will learn the different advantages and privileges of the two forum software which will help you in choosing the right discussion board on your website.


MyBB was formerly known as myBBoard and is free and open-source forum software that had its initial release in the year 2002. The myBB platform prides itself as a good alternative for website owners who are looking for a simple yet convenient discussion board where website users can interact and chat easily. Using myBB as your discussion board will bring the following advantages:
• It has a convenient admin panel which is great for a new user to be able to adapt and use easily.
• The myBB platform also provides a simple yet elegant design that allows first-time users to run the forum effectively without undergoing the proper training.
• It comes with a powerful plugin system that extends the functionality and the usage of the discussion board.
• myBB only comes with features that are important in running a decent discussion board.


A lot of website owners and developers are calling phpBB as the perfect forum software and the most powerful free forum software right now. It is because phpBB features an easy installation process, is lightweight, and is open-source. Other features that this software offer includes:
• It has the ability to support MySQL, MSSQL, and PostgreSQL database engines.
• It comes with several mods, templates, and plugins.
• The forum software has a search flood control and password protected forums feature.
• phpBB also allows you to filter and customize private messages.
• It gives you the ability to sort posts in the forum.

The discussion about myBB vs phpBB and which is the best forum software and discussion board is an interesting topic for website owners and developers. As the two offers different features and benefits, it is all about choosing the right software that will create a great impact on your website.

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