Lightboxes and SEO

LEDs can be found everywhere in our house. You might not be aware that you can use these LED light box for tracing as well. We use them for lighting our rooms obviously, but they are also found in our television or computer screen. There are also used in more specialized devices. For example, artists use LED Light box for tracing, and spend long hours every day, eyes focused on their tablet, drawing or tracing images.

What is a Lightbox?

There was a time before when selecting photos for a brochure means going through slides: a lot of it. These photos are laid down on LED Light Boxes—it’s a box with LED light bulbs inside that shone through the translucent top. It displays the image, making it easier for the audience to view it.

This concept is also applied to the web. It’s commonly known as lightboxing—when a smaller window appears, and the background dims, emphasizing the smaller window.

Whenever you are browsing online, you might encounter this. Sometimes, when you see an interesting article and decide to read it, a small pop-up will appear encouraging you to subscribe first before you can fully access the page and read the article.

Things to Know About Optimizing User Interfaces, Lightboxes, and SEO

The following are the things most people on the internet view about user interfaces, SEO, and Lightboxes. Use this as a guide somehow when you started creating your own page:

  1. Most people don’t like something that blocks their goals. For instance, they are trying to get their hands on information, yet they can’t get a hold of it yet because of pop-ups that demand their email addresses or even ask various questions before they can proceed to their goal. Make sure to be minimal with lightboxes.
  2. Some Lightboxes have to be scrolled down, and this can be a pain to some users. Some users may have a hand tremor, so it may be difficult for them to scroll on the lightbox. Due to this fact, make sure to make the lightbox lightweight.
  3. Lightboxes must not make user engagement suffer. Therefore, it is better to make a lightbox with the user’s requested content so you wouldn’t be at a disadvantage. However, it depends on what your content asks for.
  4. Programming Lightbox content can conceal it from search engine indexing. This means that because of lightboxes, there may be a chance that your content may not be recognized by search engines and fail to display it on the first page. You should think about what you would do if your Lightbox’s content caught the direct traffic rather than your article. Make an easy exit to your main site.


Considering the information found about Lightboxes, it is concluded that you should keep the content of your lightbox small and simple. This is to make sure that it doesn’t get in the way of your viewers.

Lightboxes are also meant to optimize user interfaces, not to burden them with unnecessary information. Also, make sure to modify your analytics by tracking the interaction of your users with the Lightboxes. This way, you can make a better decision for the benefit of your website.

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