Prestashop and Magento are some of the prominent enterprise e-commerce platforms that provide advanced marketing. Both are aimed at dramatically increasing the online shopping experience of the customers. Though both provide almost similar services, you need to choose the right e-commerce platform, and a comparison of the aforementioned two will bring you closer to the right choice. By comparing Prestashop vs Magento, you will get a glimpse of which one fits your needs best.

This article aims at giving a quick breakdown of the two e-commerce platforms and saves you the hard task of having to do so. The breakdown focuses on features such as ease of installation and use, site management, security, number of features, compatibility, ease of customization, SEO options, technology support, number of available themes and search functions.

Let us focus on the first three important features:

Ease of Installation and use

An e-commerce platform that offers a good balance between installation and ease of use is the most preferred. In this case, Prestashop chains the two features, providing a dashboard that is easy to navigate due to its orderly tabs. Though Magento provides almost equal navigation features, a customer will need more time to work on the settings and configure the products.

Site Management

While Magento offers more options when it comes to site management, Prestashop makes the whole process of the site management simpler and more user-friendly. This is due to its sleek and well-organized dashboard.


Both platforms are designed to offer customers strong security. However, it is worth to note that time should be spent on trying to tighten the security in order to ensure no loopholes for exploitation. Magento is the platform that gives rooms for more powerful plugins installations.

What If we were to rate Prestashop vs Magento?

Feature Prestashop Ratings Magento Ratings
Number of Features *** *****
Compatibility **** *****
SEO Options *** *****
Available Themes **** *****
Search Function ***** ****
Technology Support ***** ****
System Requirements **** ***
Ease of Installation ***** ****

We cannot be able to give a win between Prestashop and Magento as they are both convincing winners in the e-commerce market. The two platforms are geared towards different types of businesses, budgets, demands and goals.

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