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Safeguarding your home has never been easier with the incorporation of security cameras. According to, an increasing number of houses, companies, and businesses have opted to install surveillance systems in their buildings to deter burglars and even monitor their property.

With their wide availability, you can now get the right security camera for your premises despite a low budget. But before you purchase one, here are the important questions you need to ask for:

What’s the Recommended Light Level?

Your camera choice will depend on the brightness of the environment filmed. If a scene gets shot in the night, the camera will be less limited. It is because adequate lighting makes it easier for a camcorder to get more apparent footage.

In contrast, dull lighting will affect the quality of the recording since not every camera gets accustomed to handling them. An ideal video security recorder should have a light sensitivity of 1 Lux or less. The rating is indicated on the specifications of the camera, whether it is a day or night video camera.

Is It Designed for Indoor or Outdoor Application?

Apart from the lighting factor, you should also ask if a camera works well in either indoor or outdoor application. Indoor conditions are usually climate-regulated due to features like air conditioning, heat, and humidity control.

On the other hand, outdoor environments are more robust. Harsh weathers like rain, wind, sun rays, and other external factors can affect the performance of your camera. If you are looking into capturing outdoors, make sure to go for a tougher camera which is specifically designed for the outdoors. The good thing with outdoor cameras is that you can also use them indoors.

Is It Wired Or Not?

You need to understand the difference between wired and wireless cameras. Wired security cameras typically transmit a more secure video signal since they operate through a wire. However, you will incur more cost in the wiring either in hiring an installer or purchasing the wires.

In contrast, wireless camcorders can be virtually located anywhere since there’s no need to buy cables or fix them into existing cable runs. With the enhancement of encryption protocols, signal security has also been significantly improved.

Is It a Pan-Tilt-Zoom or Fixed Variant?

Do you prefer a surveillance camera that will have a fixated view or one that can look around? If you need to capture a specific location, then a fixated camera is ideal. On the other hand, if you want to a camera that will swivel around and capture a broader area, then go for the Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera.

Does It Allow Remote Access?

Depending on how you intend to view your captured footage, you’ll be fine with a video feed going to a CCTV monitor in the house or office. Alternatively, you may prefer a remote-access camera when you want to keep up with the footage while far away from your property.

These network camcorders are made to be linked to a computer network either through a cable or wireless connection.

2 thoughts on “Questions to Ask When Choosing the Right Security Camera”

  1. These network camcorders are very reliable and are made to be linked to a computer network either through a cable or wireless connection.

  2. Besides the basic features like night vision, two-way audio, motion detection and alerts, it has a lot of extra security features, such as a built-in siren and arm/disarm modes.

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