Around the internet, there have been mixed reviews of FileFactory services. While some users report impressively high speeds from the service, others complain that they did not get the value for their money. The question is, “Is FileFactory real or a scam?” Here is all you need to know about FileFactory and FileFactory search.

What is FileFactory?

FileFactory is a service that enables sharing of files with the use of USENET access. It comes with unlimited downloads and a Traffic Share of 100TB which allows other users to access your downloads.

The resume feature of the service enables one to pick up downloads in case they get dropped before completion. Using the FileFactory search engine, you can search for shared files on the service.

FileFactory and USENET

The FileFactory service provides access to the USENET system. The USENET system costs about $13 monthly and comes with a free newsletter. You get value for your money by enjoying unlimited downloads.

With the provided newsletter, you can enjoy video previews that enable you to catch a glimpse of what you are downloading before completion. The newsletter works on Mac and PCs. Moreover, the service uses SSL security which protects your privacy.

FileFactory Affiliate Program

First, to enjoy the benefits of this service, you will have to sign up for an account (affiliate account). The approval is instant, and you can opt for a free or premium account. Once your affiliate account is ready, you can start earning according to downloads and sales.


For every sale of a premium account, you earn 90% commission and a 50% commission whenever the account’s subscription is renewed. The remuneration for downloads depends on the file size and country. They may pay as much as $40 for every 100 downloads in modern countries.

Complains against FileFactory

Some customers using the service complain of getting redirected whenever they click on the slow download button. Their customer service is questioned by many, and sometimes the service suffers low download speeds, which may be unsatisfactory for some users.

Final Verdict

FileFactory has been in the market for a considerably long time. Thus, they are a trustworthy company. While I may not have used their affiliate program, I have downloaded content from them countless times. To be sure about them, you can search “FileFactory payment proof”.

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