Screen recording, or screencasting, is what digital marketers, lecturers, and other professionals are using to market their products and services nowadays. You can capture videos from your desktop or capture the whole action that’s happening on your desktop and edit them accordingly. There are a lot of screen recording software apps. Here, let’s take a look at two of the most popular ones, Screenflow vs Camtasia.

What are these software products for?

Screenflow and Camtasia are video recording and editing software that you can use if you’re a professional videographer or someone in that business line. While Camtasia is available for both Windows and Mac, Screenflow can only be accessed by Mac users. Both video editors are used by educators, bloggers, product endorsers/marketers, etc. to create lessons, demos, and product reviews and upload them to their site or other video platforms like YouTube.

Video Recording and Saving

Both Screenflow and Camtasia have good tools for capturing and recording your screen as well as the audio from your computer and webcam. Camtasia for Windows provides easy access to audio and video coder/decoder customization settings and save it in a specific file format. On the other hand, Screenflow does not have an option to save recordings in a specific file format like Camtasia for Windows, but it has an ability to capture high frame rate content– unlike Camtasia which has certain limitation for this feature.

Audio Recording

In terms of audio recording, Camtasia will only allow you to record from one microphone and your computer. With Screenflow, you can record multiple audios from different devices at the same time. That is why Screenflow is mostly used by gamers or podcasters in recording their sessions with other speakers or players.

Custom Features

Camtasia has a Custom Theme feature that allows you to choose your brand’s specific font and color kit and easily apply them to your whole project while editing it. Screenflow also has a similar template feature like Camtasia though you can only apply those templates after finishing your recording.

Final Note

Aside from these features, both software products offer a lot of options in recording. And if you’re still unsure between Screenflow vs Camtasia, you can search for additional information about them or try both out and decide from there.