SEO Reporting Templates: How to Do It Right

The best way to deliver a good report is to have a good SEO reporting template. Some prefer to use automated templates to make things easier because this might take a lot of time on their end while others may try to invest more and create the best template that they can have to cover all the data in just one go. So, how to create a good template and what should be present in your template?

Direct and Readable

It may take time for someone to read reports, so make sure to make it’s worth it. Include all the things that your clients might be interested in. Avoid making it appear dull and long by including unnecessary things. Use numbers as much as possible.

Learn how to Categorize

Since you will be using numbers, categorize accordingly and make every word count in your report. This will serve as an overview of all the data. Others include their goals, aims, and results to present and show the concept of the report.

Compare the Numbers

The purpose of comparing all the numbers you have is to show progress. The use of graphs and chart will be useful as they will show the outcome in a straightforward sense. Some clients would love to see the current situation and the progress from where it started.

The Use of Legends

Who doesn’t know the power of legends? Try to use symbols, colors, and terms that could be easily identified and understood by your clients. This will help them understand the meaning of what they will be reading.

Summarize the Report

It’s better to have a few things on the report that covers all information.  Include all the information that they want to know and get from you so it won’t be a waste of time for both of you. At the beginning of the report, show them what they can expect to get out of the full report. On this part, you can at least show the highlights of the report.

I hope that this helps you and will serve as a guide in creating a good SEO reporting template. Improve each time until you master the craft.

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