If you use the internet frequently, we guess you’ve heard of a sock account, also known as a sock puppet account. If you have, do you know what it is? Why do people use it? If you have been living with these trepidations, we got answers for you.

What is a sock puppet?

A sock puppet is a persona account set up to act in ways you can’t operate using your real account. In most cases, the sock puppet is set up by deceptive internet entrepreneurs, trolls, or internet bullies who are looking for rankings, likes, up-votes, and or subscribers.

What are the typical uses of a sock puppet account?

People use misleading online identities for many reasons. Some of the common ones are as follows.

  • Circumvent a Suspension, Ban, or Block

Some people’s real accounts get banned or suspended from accessing certain websites or online communities. In such cases, the culprits use sock puppet accounts as an alternative to circumvent a ban or suspension imposed on their original accounts.

  • Defend or Praise a Person

Sock puppets are valuable tools in online wars. People, more so public figures with a tainted reputation, use these false accounts to fight their rivals through sheer weight of tailored opinions, praise, and fake positivity.

  • Do Ballot Stuffing

Some people create sock puppet accounts to manipulate the results of an online poll. They create multiple sock puppets which they use to submit numerous votes in favor of the puppeteer. This practice is common in stealth marketing.

  • Sway Opinions

Some people use sock puppet accounts to influence or manipulate opinions to their favor. How? They use the sock puppet account to make an unintelligent and uninformed opinion. Then, they use their puppet accounts to refute the view as a way to sway other people’s actions. Usually, these opinions are tailored to sow uncertainty and fear.

The Bottom Line

A sock account is a deceptive account set up to act in a way that one cannot use his or her real account. People use it to sway opinions, stuff polls, praise or defend a person, or circumvent a ban or a suspension.

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