If you’re looking to make your local marketing easier, check out this Synup Review.

What is Synup and what can you get from it?

Synup is a platform for local business citation management. With Synup, you could get unlimited listing updates, instant review notifications, and detailed analytics. Also, it will automatically add your business to all local search directories.

This platform is beneficial for Local Marketing Software as it can provide the following services:

  • Instant submissions to search directories and live listings.
  • An easier way to edit and update the business details over search directories.
  • An automated claim wizard that will easily claim all listings over search directories.
  • Monitor your business verification progress.
  • An instant update to all changes.
  • 24/7 Customer Service and Assistance
  • Multi-Local Management
  • Embedded Widgets

Synup Pricing

The calculation can be done easily, and you can do it by yourself. Synup offers a reasonable price of $30 per location per month but may reduce as your volume increases.

Rooms for Improvement

There are clients who are not totally satisfied. Here are some of the issues which are commonly discussed.

  • Ineffective tools
  • Dull dashboard
  • Does not cover the “what so-called 1st tiers” of websites which most clients consider important
  • Availability of all citations


Don’t be discouraged by negative feedback. There are reaffirming reactions from clients who met their expectations along the way. Here are some of the positive Synup Reviews of some users:

  • Customer support is outstanding. They have direct representatives to support and answer all questions.
  • Simple and straightforward interface
  • The platform works well in managing, updating, and monitoring different locations.
  • It provides an organized dashboard.
  • The review generation feature and the directory listing normalization are powerful.
  • The price is reasonable.
  • The updates in the citation information are accessible.
  • Company information is always up-to-date.
  • Reviews from different channels are accessible. Responding to each can be easily done.
  • The clients can easily track the marketing program and results.
  • Good starting software for business.

This Synup Review briefly tackles what this tool can offer. Check out its features and see if it’s something you would definitely need.

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