If you are running a business with different offices or if your work involves using several computers and connected devices, a VPN is a must-have for easy centralized access. You will need an effective VPN that can help you monitor your set of computers and devices and access files easily. A good VPN tool should be fast and cost-effective. Teamviewer VPN is one such VPN.

Here is how to set up a TeamViewer VPN.

What is a VPN?

A virtual private network is a networking technology that creates a secure data exchange tunnel or a virtual A-B point access between several resources using the internet.

TeamViewer VPN uses the same technology to connect two or more computers. It uses a specific remote connection to establish a VPN with IP addresses listed in the TeamViewer IDs.

Setting up TeamViewer VPN

The first step should be to set up TeamViewer in the two computers you want to connect and then proceed as follows:

Step 1: Create a TeamViewer account.
  • Launch TeamViewer.
  • Go to Computers and Contacts.
  • Sign up for a free TeamViewer account.
Step 2: Add the computer to TeamViewer account.
  • Click the Add button.
  • Add the new computer.
Step 3: Install a VPN driver.
  • Click Extras to see the options and choose Advanced Options.
  • You will see a VPN driver. Click Install.
  • In the VPN network adapter dialogue box, select Install.
Step 4: Obtain IP for VPN.

You will need to load the ID of the remote computers to start the VPN connections.

  • In the TeamViewer account, right-click Remote PC and choose VPN.
  • An automatic IP for the host VPN adapter is automatically provided. Go to Network and Sharing Center for adapter status.
  • Use the test ping button to connect to the remote computer.

Remember to turn off the firewall in both computers. Otherwise, the connection will not be successful.

Step 5: Explore Remote PC.
  • Click Start and then click Run.
  • Type the IP address of the partner computer.
  • Click OK.
Step 6: Authenticate the Remote PC.

The final step is to load in the credentials of the remote computer.

  • If the remote computer is under a domain, provide the domain name and the user name.
  • If it is not under a domain, provide the computer name and the user name.

This how to set up a TeamViewer VPN. You can now access files and share folders with a remote PC.

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