Text broker is a pragmatic and functional site as evidenced by the simple design of the website and its intuitive interface. The platform offers some writing gigs to give opportunities to writers seeking a stable source of income. Text broker consistently provides work although some writers have issues with their pay rates.


Before your application is green-lighted, you should provide addresses, a list of your skills, phone number and PayPal email address. You will subsequently be issued with a 250-word assignment to test your proficiency. Upon approval, you will have to upload a photograph of your image holding your national identification document as proof of identity. After this, it takes a fortnight for them to check your suitability.

Freelancer and Client Feedback

Online feedback concerning Text broker, from the writers, is not very appealing. Some individuals are unhappy about research demands, payment rates, writer ratings, and revision requests. However, some are only dissatisfied with the pay. Conversely, positive feedback mostly comes from clients who receive great service.

Text broker seems to have been designed for the satisfaction of content buyers.  The platform also posts valuable content for their audience in the form of educational videos and articles in its expert section, which is meant to provide tips and guide for both writers and clients.


In summary, text broker and similar content mills are a great place for inexperienced young authors to develop their writing skills further. It has a continuous flow of order which implies that with extra diligence you might make a stable source of income from this platform. If you want to explore more online opportunities, Textbroker, overall, is worth a shot.