NAS Devices

Doing business also means generating data, and that is true for most small and middle-sized businesses. For safety, most businesses use this Guide for a NAS server for Plex or network-attached storage devices. These gadgets can store many data and connect easily to your LAN or local area network.

However, selecting a good-quality appliance can be tough since there are several NAS devices with different features. For that reason, here are things you must know before purchasing a NAS device.


It doesn’t matter what your business’s size is, your company will most likely need a NAS device with large memory. Also, that depends on how many hard drives there are. So, if you purchase a 6-bay device inserted with a 4-terabyte storage device, you can store a maximum of 24 TB of information, which can be more than enough for small businesses.

Though that may be easy to say, you will also have to consider money. Note that the more capacity a device has, the more expensive it’s going to be. Therefore, you must determine how much capacity you need for a NAS device before purchasing one.

Integrated wifi

The latest NAS servers have access points, which means you can wirelessly link your NAS appliance to your smartphones, tablets, and laptops. This eases your office life, so you don’t have to deal with a lot of cables. Also, the device can boost your wifi. This feature is beneficial, especially if your business involves streaming videos, downloading images, or editing large files.

However, you might need to consider whether your NAS gadget will work with your wireless network with the latest wifi routers.

Operating system

The OS serves as your means of interaction. So, when you are looking for an OS for your device, consider its stability, applications, packages, integration with the hardware, and license. Also, check the device’s management software. For example, NAS servers with a Linux OS have friendly customized screens that will help you find device functions conveniently.


It would be best if you also considered the security of the data you are storing on a NAS box. When searching for one, ask the vendor if the device can encrypt all files stored in it. Also, third-party security is crucial. You must ensure that your NAS is scannable by the protection service and aids in file transfer. Therefore, it’s wise to find a vendor who offers all the mentioned features.

Random Access Memory

Just like any other device, a NAS box will function better with increased memory and better processors. So, if you want a faster process, plugin more RAM. The standard rule is 1 GB of RAM for 1 TB of the reserve. If you have a 16TB reserve, you must also have the same number of GB for RAM. For every business, performance is critical for faster processes.

There are more factors to consider when purchasing a NAS server, but the items mentioned above can guide you through the buying process.

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