Traffic Authority is a company that sells traffic, business training courses, and various marketing tools. However, the main service the company offers is internet traffic. In this Traffic Authority review, we’ll learn more about Traffic Authority and its pros and cons.

Looking Further Into Traffic Authority’s Program

Traffic Authority offers digital products and services in three areas, namely in Traffic Store, Traffic Academy, and Traffic Optimizer.

The Traffic Store focuses on the traffic which can be purchased, the Traffic Academy focuses on training, and the Traffic Optimizer refers to traffic tools such as email capture pages.

Just like any other digital products and services, Traffic Authority has its pros and cons. In this Traffic Authority review, we’ll use the program’s pros and cons to determine whether Traffic Authority is worth availing or not.

The Traffic Store comes with various packages, and the prices range from $220 to $8,397. Such a price range is pretty high for something that you barely know will work or not.

The Traffic Academy, which offers training, costs $97 per month. The training gives you useful information, but the price is pretty expensive for such information that you’ll get. If you look elsewhere, you will surely find lots of products for a much lower price.

The Traffic Optimizer includes various tools, and these tools are pretty powerful in their own ways. Unlike the Traffic Store and the Traffic Academy, the Traffic Optimizer’s price of $27 per month is reasonable enough.

Moreover, the Traffic Optimizer offers training too, but it’s dedicated more for people who will promote Traffic Authority and is not for regular customers.


  1. You can make money selling Traffic Authority products.
  2. It has basic training videos.
  3. There are regular webinars.


  1. There is no free trial.
  2. The program has no detailed descriptions.
  3. The products are expensive.
  4. Payment methods available are only credit cards.
  5. There are issues regarding refunds.
  6. There are issues about customer support.

The Verdict

In this Traffic Authority review, we can conclude that its products and services are not very worthy to purchase. Although it has its pros, its cons significantly weigh more. Still, if you’re curious about this company, you’re free to try it out anytime.

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