Today, online businesses systematically use social media networks to not only convey their brand image but to also to communicate seamlessly with their partners and target audience. So to speak, YouTube – the pioneer video hosting site on the internet, has become the scene of a fierce battle between companies, videographers and YouTubers who have to constantly innovate ingenuity to stand out from the competition. As you will find in this TubeBuddy review, the primary goal is to achieve the desired SEO results on YouTube, so to appear among the top results whenever an internet surfer performs a YouTube search using specific keywords. By so doing, you can increase your visibility on YouTube, attract more prospects, and ultimately outrank your competitors. To achieve such a goal for your business, it is indispensable to implement ingenious SEO practices in your video publishing strategy. And, that’s where TubeBuddy comes in. Basically, it is designed to simplify and bolster your YouTube SEO efforts. Having said that, let’s test it and see what it has to offer!

What is TubeBuddy?

TubeBuddy is a very expedient tool for YouTubers who want to boost the visibility of their YouTube channel. To be precise, TubeBuddy is a downloadable extension certified by YouTube and adapts to most, if not all, of the functions on the site. It can be installed on a browser and later add its features and tools to your YouTube channel. These features allow you to gauge precisely the best tags to add to your video in order to get the most views, track the performance of all your videos based on their tags in order to optimize them, perform AB tests to increase the number of clicks, create custom thumbnails directly on YouTube to lessen your work, spy on competitors and let you know what’s working, know all the statistics of your competitors’ videos and try to capture their traffic. Basically, it’s the ultimate tool for any YouTuber looking to increase their visibility online and establish brand authority.

Its objective is to direct you as a videographer on the best practices, most effective tools, as well as analytical and statistical indicators to improve your visibility on YouTube. These allow you to understand better the reasons for the popularity or failure of a video which gives you insights on whether you are employing a good or a bad SEO strategy for YouTube.

How Does TubeBuddy Work?

After downloading the application on, an icon automatically appears on YouTube and allows you to use its various services. Some of its most distinguishing features include:

Automated Referencing of Your Videos

To attract more subscribers to your YouTube channel, you not only need to create relevant videos but also make them visible to your target audience! To achieve this, good SEO practices are inevitable and as critical as the presentation and content of your videos. Fortunately, that’s where TubeBuddy comes in!

While the traditional method of publishing a new video forces you to write its description or SEO tags every time you post, TubeBuddy allows the automation of the process and the creation of several types of profiles, which fills information on these fields automatically. This tool is ideal when publishing many similar videos, in the standard format and allows you to add in a few clicks a customized description and keywords that will facilitate its referencing by web crawlers. These keywords can also, thanks to TubeBuddy, be edited and reorganized more easily.

Access to Comprehensive Statistical Data

By analyzing your channel and those of your competitors’ TubeBuddy generates comprehensive statistical data allows the extension to suggest the most effective keywords to use according to your topics. It will clarify, for any keyword, the frequency with which users search for it, as well as its competition.  This metric, which is, in short, the supply and demand of each keyword, allows you to optimize your indexing by choosing keywords and key phrases that will enable you to maximum visibility on YouTube. Some of the statistics you get with TubeBuddy include:

  • Search volume: This is the number of searches per month that users make using a keyword.
  • Competition: It is the number of YouTubers who found your video using your desired keywords.
  • Overall: This is the overall score. If there is an average volume and the competition is high, it will be challenging to reference a video on the keyword.

Filter Option for Comments

One of the coolest features of TubeBuddy is the filter option for comments. For instance, you can filter comments that you have not answered or responded to. Moreover, the comment rating tool allows you to quickly and easily review the comments left on your videos by viewers. With it, you can respond to unanswered comments and keep your audience engaged. This will encourage them to post new comments which will be beneficial to the referencing of your video by web crawlers.

You also get an overview of when is the best time to publish your videos. You can easily see the tags from any video on YouTube and copy them with a mouse click. In addition, you can see how many times your video or video has been shared, and you can even get an, admittedly very inaccurate estimate of how much you earn with a video. Plus you get a social monitor at hand and can create a Default Upload Profile with TubeBuddy for your YouTube channel.

Different Offers for Different Tools

Though very effective and functional in its free version, TubeBuddy also offers additional plans with more advanced features on its paid plan. These come with much more comprehensive analytical tools than the free version. With the Legend plan, it possible to compare yourself to other videographers by directly analyzing the statistics of a competing channel. With this feature, you learn, your competitors’ conventional statistical data, partners of their channel, its referencing strategies, among others to improve to help you improve your YouTube channel.

Paid offers also offer similar tools to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each video quickly.

Use a Publication Workflow on YouTube

The best way to not forget anything when posting a video on YouTube is to follow a pre-established workflow. And luckily, TubeBuddy manages it for you. The tool lists all the steps you must follow to reference your videos properly. All you have to do is follow the instructions and complete all the steps.

Add Video to a Playlist

TubeBuddy allows you to add the video being published in one or more playlists without leaving the publication screen. Just choose which playlists you want, and the tool will add the video as soon as it’s ready.

Find the Right Tags on YouTube

Finding the proper tags to add to a YouTube video can be a daunting and overwhelming endeavor. I mean, you have to look for the relevant tags by looking at others and manually determine which tags are more critical than others. Luckily, this feature will save you the time and struggle. With it, you can:

  • Choose the appropriate tags for your video ( the tags are based on the title and description of the video )
  • Add as many tags as you need without exceeding the maximum 500 words limit. The tags are displayed by the tool and updated in real-time
  • Remove what is not appropriate in your videos
  • Determine in real time the relevance of the tags on your already published videos, and you can optimize them.

Add End Screens Automatically

Nothing is more demanding than creating end screens. These are the screens on which you add the pellet of your channel, where you highlight a particular video, invite your subscribers to subscribe and see other videos. With TubeBuddy, you can create templates that apply in one click without leaving the publishing screen, as soon as the video is uploaded.

Have More Followers on YouTube with Calls to Action on Videos (Info Cards)

YouTube allows you to add visual links to your videos to invite your listeners to learn more or see another video. These are links that need to be created manually, and it takes a long time. TubeBuddy also makes life easier for you since, without leaving the YouTube publishing screen, you can create these links from templates that you have taken time to personalize. Indeed, this is another huge time saver.

Create YouTube Thumbnails Quickly

What thumbnails for your videos? Well, look no further! TubeBuddy has a built-in thumbnail generator that lets you choose the section of your video you need to turn it into a thumbnail. You can also add text, presentation elements, create reusable templates, and the tool will add the thumbnail to the video without your input.

Automated Video Posting

You have several functions for immediate or scheduled sharing of your videos in the tool. This set of features is constantly changing according to the constraints of different social networks, so I refer you to the TubeBuddy presentation page to find out what it’s all about. You can also share your video on Facebook without going to Facebook:

Manage YouTube Comments

You can manage comments posted on your videos from TubeBuddy, answer questions, and highlight (pin) a comment. This is also a time-saver since you can prepare responses and automatically publish them in one click. These are known as (“canned responses.” This will come in handy if you have to enter a link to a site or product several times in a row, or if you simply want to thank your subscribers.

Edit and Organize your Videos in One Click with TubeBuddy

The most important role of TubeBuddy is to save time when editing, your video descriptions, customizing the layout, and organizing your channel. Imagine that you post videos month by month, little by little, touch by touch, concentrating on improving your content to make it more professional. You start by adding a logo, then an intro at the beginning of each of your videos, and today you feel that a better CTA could be very useful. With TubeBuddy you can edit, add or remove all these elements – and many more – in one click!

Indeed, the plugin allows you to modify several parameters in a few minutes. Descriptions, end screen texts, thumbnails, and many more with the intention to help you grow your channel and generate more revenue.

Batch Updates

If you’ve ever tried updating your video description, add or edit a link to your social media accounts, or any other information, you know too well that it can turn into mission impossible! I mean, you have to open each video one by one, apply the change, and move to the next, which takes a lot of time and can be demoralizing. With TubeBuddy, everything is simplified. With this feature, you can:

  • Look for a sequence of characters in the descriptions of all your videos and replace it with another sequence ( for instance when changing a link )
  • Add text at the beginning of all descriptions as well as the end,
  • Update all your videos automatically

You can do this when you have to use several forms of presentations and want to standardize everything.

TubeBuddy Review Comparision


The benefits of TubeBuddy are apparent. Besides being an all in one SEO tool to boost the visibility of your YouTube videos, it comes with a lot more to be desired and admired.

  • The application makes it easy to publish videos and standardize the format.
  • It also offers various analytical tools and very comprehensive statistics with which you can easily improve your SEO. These analytical tools will allow you to understand the impact of each one of your choices on the success of your videos and will allow you, in the long run, to outrank your competition by identifying the best strategies, the keywords to prioritize for your indexing and the themes that you need to focus on first.
  • TubeBuddy is more of a strategic advisor who knows every YouTube video into details and consequently advises you on the most effective SEO techniques.


In spite of its great utility and efficacy, TubeBuddy has its fair share of reproaches.

  • On the practicality side, the application is currently available only in English.
  • Some also criticize it for the fact that the most efficient services are only available under paid plans. This means that the optimization of videos is primarily intended for big businesses looking for a big return on investment. Amateur videographers are less likely to use it and improve their content.

How to Install and Sign Up on TubeBuddy?

Installing TubeBuddy

  1. To download, go to TubeBuddy’s site and download the extension.
  2. If you are using Chrome, it will automatically redirect you to the Chrome Store to access TubeBuddy. Download and install.

Signing up on TubeBuddy

The second step is to create a TubeBuddy account. Once the extension installed, TubeBuddy will tell you that you have installed the tool and you must sign in.

  1. Click on the SIGN IN link in the green box. All you need to do is connect your Gmail account.
  2. TubeBuddy will then ask you for the permissions to access your YouTube account.
  3. Accept everything to continue) (And do not worry about your security, this is a YouTube certified application).
  4. Your admin dashboard will then be displayed with several sections. You will also note some slight changes on your YouTube channel with the TubeBuddy logo appearing in many places.

How to Integrate Your YouTube with TubeBuddy

  1. Once in your TubeBuddy account, click on the green “Add Channel” button at the top right to add your YouTube channel.
  2. Google will then ask you if you want to allow TubeBuddy to access your YouTube channel.
  3. Again, go ahead and validate the request.

After this, your YouTube channel will be connected to your TubeBuddy account! You now have all the essential tool and features to grow your YouTube channel.

How to Tell if it is Working

To see whether it has integrated with your channel, go to your YouTube channel. You should see a new column to the right of the search results. This proves that TubeBuddy has been installed and is now functional. If this is not the case, refresh your browser, and everything will fall into place!

  1. To access TubeBuddy’s main menu via your channel, click on the TubeBuddy logo at the top right of your screen.

Available Plans

TubeBuddy offers you about 60 advanced features to optimize, automate, and enhance your YouTube channel. These features are bundled into four pricing plans with each having its own unique tools and functionalities. They are:

  • Starter plan: The free option. No need to go beyond it if you are not ambitious on YouTube. You can play around and just have fun with the free plan. It will also give you some insights on what to expect if you will need to upgrade in the future.
  • Pro plan ($ 9 / month): With this, you have access to additional tools and functionalities. $ 9 it’s not a lot but if you are looking for a more robust plan, have a look at the following.
  • Star plan: ($ 19 / month): are you after accomplishing something concrete on your YouTube channel and earn money? If so, I highly recommend taking this formula as a minimum. It is from here that you will get access to the monetization features. For example, you can add a social network link on the description of all your videos in one click. Or add a file on all videos during a specific period to promote a product.
  • Legend plan: ($ 39 / month): For those who can afford it, TubeBuddy offers the Legend formula which unlocks all the features, including A / B testing, industrial espionage and mass posting on Facebook.


There are so many benefits of TubeBuddy, and I cannot list everything in this TubeBuddy review. The developer of the service is very dynamic; the tool is constantly evolving; it is certified and seamlessly adapts to the evolution of YouTube. Though it is an additional cost for your business, since you have to subscribe to an annual subscription, it remains affordable and effective. There are several plans to accommodate any form of business regardless of its size or niche. Paid plans begin from $ 7.20 per month if you have less than 1000 subscribers. If you have more followers, you might want to subscribe to the pro plan.

From a videographer’s or a self-entrepreneur’s point of view, TubeBuddy is a very effective tool for video publication, analysis, and search engine optimization. After using the tool for several months, I admit that I could not do without it. I mean, it saves me time, my videos are better referenced, I have more views, and the number of subscribers increased. And when faced by stiff competition, the application packs a punch to help your business make establish authority and ultimately help you stand out in the race for YouTube views.

However, let me be clear: no miracle tool will bring you more followers on YouTube if you do not give your followers the value they expect from your videos. I mean, TubeBuddy does not automatically guarantee success. Its effectiveness depends on your strategies and other criteria such as the theme of your video, the value of your content or the quality of its editing, among others. More than a magic wand, you should see TubeBuddy as an analytical complement of quality, and a handy tool for improving the visibility of your YouTube channel.

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